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Art Show & Auction:

       Art Show is turning out fantastic for 2008! We of course have returning favorites, but there will also be some great newcomers, including Mark Corrinet, Chloe Loris, Maureen Babb, Theresa Mathers, Dave Pruden and many more. They are all extremely talented and form a wonderful addition to our already impressive lineup of artists (including Kari-Ann Anderson from Winnipeg, and of course our Guest of Honor David Mattingly, from the United States). You donít want to miss out on this yearís art show with four fun filled days. Especially exciting is our brand new print shop. This will be one GREAT show! We still have panels left and tables!

       If you are interested in joining our growing list of wonderful talent please feel free to contact to get on the waiting list.

Artshow Display Space For Sale:
Artshow Panels
Single Panel$20 CAD
4 Panels for the price of 3$60 CAD
Ĺ Table$10 CAD
Full Table$18 CAD
Floor Space$15 CAD

Information for the the size of panels, tables and floorspace can be acquired by emailing The Artshow Rep.

For a list of Keycon's Artshow Policies click here.

Keycon would like to thank you for Visiting our site, we hope to see you at Keycon 25!