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Programming Grid Available For Viewing

The programming grid is available here for viewing/printing or what-have-you.

Volunteers Needed For KeyCon25 Programming:

Hi! This is your Friendly Neighbourhood Programming Team here, and we've got a whole fun in store you this year. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have over 200 hours of programming for KeyCon's 25th anniversary, running every day of the con--Friday-Saturday-Sunday and Monday too!!! Items include book launches, mass autographings, science programming, presentations from GoH and other Pros who are attending plus so much more – You have check out the expanded program book to see it all!!!

We have lots of Programming Panel ideas - one tiny little problem... we are still looking for volunteers to be on the panel discussions. We have a growing list of programming topics which are listed below - check them out. So, if you see a panel topic that you’re interested in, and you have an opinion that you're ready to share with a panel audience, or if you're willing to be a panel moderator, please let us know by sending an e-mail to: , or let us know using the submission form.

Programming Panel Ideas:

But Is It Art?: SF&F art and literature; will it ever be accepted by 'serious' critics? Should we care?

Comic Books and Films: Bat Man and Hell Boy, The Punisher and Cat Woman. Turning comics into film, what works, what doesn't, and why?

The Biology of the Fan Club: Or how computers killed the fan club. Or did they? How do fan clubs start, what helps them grow, and why do some fade away?

Tell Me A Story: Fans talking about their favorite books.

Fandom; Now and Then: How has fandom changed in Winnipeg in the last 25 years? "Then" had 20 people sleeping in a hotel room, lurches, van loads to ValleyCon and MiniCon, and Blue Stuff. What makes fandom a community today? How has that community changed?

Anime SF vs Western SF in film: Does hollywood even make proper SF films anymore, or is it just action-adventure in space? Do you have to look to Japanese Anime if you want to find SF using science and warning us about where our current roads could lead us to in the future?

Harry Potter vs Lord of The Rings: Why has Harry Potter opened the door for several children's fantasy films, but hardly any adult fantasy has been made in Hollywood since LOTR?

Anime for People Over the Age of 30: There's more to Anime than Pokemon and Naruto. A discussion.

Firefly: If I were Josh Whedon, what would I do for a sequal?

Anime and Youth: Or, what isn't western animation doing right?

Sex in Science fiction: Google will get you 962,000 hits. Everything from issues of gender to hot sweaty sex. Discuss?

Gender roles in Science Fiction and Fantasy across the media: Do we perpetuate gender stereotypes or do we shatter them?

Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy poetry readings and discussion: Come and share your own writings or those of favourite authors. Dirty limericks may be tolerated

Mundane Science fiction: What is it?

Hidden science fiction; Have we infiltrated? A discussion of where science fiction is. for example, is the show "Lost" actually Sci Fi?

Alternative lifestyles in SF&F, from books to reality.

Are geeks and dorks more or less tolerant than the general public? The fandom and gaming community has a reputation for being very tolerant of differences, and "odd" people. Do we live up to our reputation?

       If you have any questions, concerns or ideas please feel free to .


Please mail the submission form to: KeyCon, P.O. Box 3178 Winnipeg, MB R3C 4E6
OR drop off at Pendragon Games and Hobbies (1354 Main street Winnipeg).

Keycon would like to thank you for Visiting our site, we hope to see you at Keycon 25!