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Also Attending:

The following people have told KeyCon25 that they will be attending KeyCon25 and we thought you would like to know. You may see them on panels, in the con-suites or waiting in line for ice cream. Over the weeks building to KeyCon this list will be growing.

Robert J. Sawyer Aurora, Hugo and Nebula Award Winning Author

Hayden Trenholm Author

Randy McCharles World Fantasy Conchair & Author

Bill and Brenda Sutton Filkers /Musicians

Nick Dichario - Author

Dave Duncan

Derwin Mak

Susan Forest


Jean -Louis Trudel

Lars De Sousa

Carolyn Clink

Edward Willett - Author

Diane L. Walton - Editor Onspec Magazine

Danielle Hubbard - Author

Danielle Hubbard's Site


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