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Masquerade Extravaganza:

Saturday will be jammed packed with three, yes three different Masquerades; one for the kids (12 and under) in the afternoon, the traditional (G-rated) one early in the evening and then, in the wee hours of the night, one for . . .hee hee hee . . .Mature (18+) individuals. Each Masquerade has its own surprises, judges and rules.

Sign up for the Masquerade will occur on Saturday Morning (check your schedule) or you may submit your form to Registration until 4:00 pm, Saturday. The starting time for the Masquerade walk through will be between 5 and 7 pm.

Registration Forms
Registration forms can be found at the Registration desk or the freebie tables.

Masquerade Rule:
  1. All entrants must be members of Keycon25.
  2. All costumes must cover whatever needs to be covered. No costume is no costume. There are kids here! With the exception of the Adult masquerade, events are rated PG-13.
  3. No fire, flash paper, explosions, open flames or real looking weapons, etc. Remember that traveling to and from the masquerade requires moving through public spaces. Anything of an offensive nature must be kept covered to and from the venue.
  4. Surprise the audience, not the Masquerade Director. If you are planning something "unique", please use the registration form or let us know in advance.
  5. No messy substances that might ruin the costume of another Entrant or the building.
  6. Presentations are limited to 90 seconds
  7. Costumes must be able to fit through a standard door.
  8. Contestants must report to the Masquerade Green Room on time. Report times will be supplied at the convention: check at the Masquerade Desk for this information. Failure to appear or to be ready to go on stage may result in disqualification. Note that Acts of God may, to an extent, mitigate this. There will be no registration once the event has begun.
  9. The Judges may choose not to give out a Best-in-Show Award, or may not give out any awards in a division at all if they do not feel any costumes entered in that division are deserving of an award. The decisions of the Judges are final.
  10. The Masquerade Directors reserve the right to eliminate anyone from competition on the basis of taste, danger to the audience or other contestants, or for any other reason deemed sufficient to the Directors.
Children`s Masquerade:

The Children`s Masquerade is limited to children 12 and under. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Prize Categories

General Masquerade

Entrants must be age 13 and over. This event is rated PG 13.

Prize Categories

Masquerade rated M:

The Adult Masquerade is for adults 18 and over. Strict Rules for this event are in effect:

Adult Masquerade
  1. No minors - proof of age will be required at the door.
  2. Costumes may include:
    • Leather (vest/jacket itself is not enough)
    • Black jeans or modified blue jeans are ok (no unmodified blue jeans)
    • Lace
    • No T shirts
    • Lingerie
    • Latex / PVC / rubber/ spandex
    • BDSM
    • Uniforms / costumes (uniforms explicitly made for young children are prohibited)
    • Gothic / industrial
    • Cross dressing
    • Saran wrap
    • Liquid Latex
    • Nudity (anus & genitals must be adorned, naked nipples are OK)
  3. No cameras or media recording devices.
  4. No means no. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated. Homophobia or racism will not be tolerated.
  5. No genital contact.
  6. Complaints should be reported immediately to event organizers.

Prize Categories

Masquerade Notes:

Red Green Awards

Donít have a costume? Betcha didnít know that Duct Tape can fix that too! Saturdayís programming will include a duct tape clothing workshop where rolls and rolls of (donated, if you have some, please give) duct tape will be available to try your hand and creativity at creating a costume. Prizes will be awarded based on effort, creativity, and potential pain (taking the duct tape off).


Keycon would like to thank you for Visiting our site, we hope to see you at Keycon 25!