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The 2008 Video Room will be open longer and have better prizes and food than ever! We might even show movies!

Expect us to open our doors officially, as usual, on Friday at around 7:30 pm--but we will likely be open ‘unofficially’ earlier! All the usual treats will be available for your cinematic pleasure--hot fresh popcorn, delightful candied popcorn, tons o’candy bars, cartoon breakfasts, flavored drinking straws--we might even have something healthy to eat! And did we mention the prizes this year will be more plentiful & more fabulous than ever before? Are you prepared for a duck that hunts YOU?

What will we show? Legally we can’t say. What we can say is we don’t have the heart to show any pirated movies that could transform you 28 weeks later, much less the day after tomorrow when you might have stardust in your eyes. Heck, that stuff can transform you into serenity or some kinda spiderguy who has a very busy life! Of course, for a 25th annual KeyCon, we will celebrate classic films, which have recently had their own anniversaries: King Kong and Gojira (the original version of Godzilla) and Forbidden Planet, but generally we will stick to new films you love and not go back in time to 2001. Two mice out to take over the world might try but a one eyed woman from the future will stop them. Where were we? Should we build a bridge to somewhere? What would Sinbad say? We have received some films directly from their Distributors that you probably won’t see anywhere else. Look for the incredible documentary, “The Bastards of Kirk” (where James T. Kirk’s many illegitimate children are interviewed), a Finnish Star Wars parody and an Aurora nominated Trek sing-a-long (“Phantom of the Space Opera”—the Director’s cut!).

Bastards of Kirk

“Sixty Minutes”wants to know!* Watch this exciting documentary which shows how Sixty Minutes searched for James Tiberius Kirk after he mysteriously disappeared. Has Kirk gone underground because of all the lawsuits filed against him by the many illegitimate children he allegedly fathered?

It would appear Captain Kirk probed more than strange new worlds.

Have we ever known the Real Kirk? Or is his true nature finally being born, borne by his alleged bastard children, one of whom may be Jason Bourne? Was Kirk kidding? Should we baby him? A-parent-ly.

Provided courtesy of the film makers, The Video Room will show Bastards Of Kirk this year!

*No, it doesn’t. This is all a parody. Neither Sixty Minutes nor James T. Kirk were actually involved in the production. Paramount appears to think the whole thing is a hoot.

       What is the best way to honour KeyCon's 25th anniversary? Ideas? Contact us! We can show the best films of the last 25 years...films selected by various KeyCon Chairs...or whatever we feel like! The more input from you, the members we love to serve (usually, served medium rare), the better! We do plan surprises: UFO truth exposed, showing films you’ve heard about but can’t see anywhere else, even some episodes of that fan favourite/fan produced tv series, Lances and Lazers!

       We will give away plenty o' free candy. Prizes will include a sculpt-it-yourself deadhead from CSI, more of those terrific helium balloons from Air of Excitement, DVDs, model kits--all for YOU! Plus colouring spoon and playdough contests!

       Going into the Video Room is free (for con members). However, you may have to pay to get out (bwah hahahahah, or something like that).

Victor Schwartzman
Mr. Wild & Hairy Guy

Keycon would like to thank you for Visiting our site, we hope to see you at Keycon 25!