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Jennifer Clarke Wilkes:

Gaming Guest of Honour? No! Goblin Editor – That is how she describes herself! This woman has embraced her “Inner Goblin”! Jennifer Clarke Wilkes is a displaced Canadian now living in Seattle. She has a long history in the SF/F world. Her parents Gina and Norm Clarke were influential members of the community way back in the 1970’s. She has worked for several RPG & TCG companies, including White Wolfe, Atlas Games, Rubicon Games Inc, Green Ronin Publishing and Tactical Studies Rule (TSR--which was purchased by her current employer in late 90’s - Wizards of the Coast). Jennifer is currently working on the much-anticipated Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Book, due out in June 2008—just a month after KeyCon 25! Her final thoughts: “Goblins rule. Then Canadian.” It is not clear whether she means Goblins rule first, and then Canadian Goblins specifically, but she will tell us in May!

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