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Tanya Huff - CANVention Guest:

Huff is one of the most prominent Canadian authors in the category of cotemporary fantasy, a subgenre pioneered by four time KeyCon alumni Charles de Lint. Huff born in Halifax and raised in Kingston is not afraid to hide her Canadian roots in order to sell works; she frequently uses the places and names that surround her. She worked in the mid 1980 to early 1990’s at Bakka, North America’s oldest surviving bookstore and went to school at Ryerson with Robert J. Sawyer. This is Tanya Huff second visit to Winnipeg as con guest. She last visited as the NonCon guest, which was jointly held with KeyCon13. Her greatest notoriety might currently be the Blood Books about Detective Vicki Nelson, which has been turned in to the television series Blood Ties. But know this - she is a prolific writer. Her works range from numerous fantasy novels or short stories plus book reviews of other works and newspaper columns.

Tanya's Website.

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