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1.1           Art Show:


1.1.1Art Show Definitions:          Digital Original Art is computer art that has been hand-signed and dated.          Fine Art or Hand-Colored Print is a piece created using a method by which the artist has made the plate(s) or screen(s) and pulled the prints primarily by hand. Some examples: woodcut, block prints, etching, dry point, engraving, serigraphs (silk-screening) and lithographs (not to be confused with litho-prints).          Original Art is any piece designed and created exclusively by the artist.


1.1.2Art Show Display Space:          Panels are 4’ x 4”          Table spaces are 2 ˝’ x 3’.          Floor Space is 2 1/2’ X 3’.          Reservations must be accompanied with full payment.          Reserved panels and table space will be held no later than NOON Friday of the convention unless prior arrangements have been made with the Art show management. Failure to contact the convention will result in forfeit of space fee.


1.1.3Mail-in Art:          Mail-in artwork is limited to Non-attending artists.          Art may be sent via UPS, Federal Express, Purolator or Mail.          Items must arrive in a reusable container, with appropriate packaging materials, a return address label, a check for the amount for return postage or shipping, and insurance (if requested). Any information regarding return insurance or carrier to be used for return shipping should also be provided.          Keycon assumes no responsibility for artwork during shipping. However, every attempt will be made to make sure that artwork is properly packed.          Keycon anticipates having all mail-in art returned within three weeks of the close of the convention.


1.1.4Original Art/Direct Sale/ -Prints:          Sales will be by written bid, direct sales or voice auction.          One piece per artist may be entered as an NFS (Not For Sale).          Original art, fine art prints and hand-colored prints (see definitions above) may be made available for written bid and/or direct sale. If both options are chosen, be aware that any valid written bid disallows direct sale.          Prints of the artist’s work, of any type, are allowed, but only one copy may be displayed for sale, and it must be identified as a print.          Three written bids will put a piece of art in to the auction.          If a higher bid is not received at auction, the artwork will be deemed purchased by the last listed bidder on the bid sheet.          There will be no special post-auction prices, however artists will have the option of allowing artwork with no written bids to be sold in the art show at the minimum bid during and after the auction.          Multiple copies of prints may be sold through the Print Shop (see below).


1.1.5Print Shop:          A Print Shop will be available for all artists who have reserved panel space.          Each artist will be limited to 5 separate pictures with 5 prints per picture for a total of 25 pieces in the print shop.          The artwork in the print shop will not carry bid sheets, but will be sold at any time during the operating hours of the art show.          For each different print placed in the Print Shop, there must be a representation of it on the panel or table space. Prints Shop prints are direct sale only.          The display copy can be Original Art, Hand-Colored print, a framed copy of the print or a matted copy.          Each copy must have a Print Shop Tag.          If the display copy is not a print, it will also need a bid sheet.          If the display copy of the print is framed and/or matted and the Print Shop copies are not, the display copy may be sold at a different price.          All art should be wrapped for protection.

If additional copies for the Print Shop are unable to be matted or shrink-wrapped some sort of sturdy folder with the Artists name and Print titles on it should be provided. The folder should be large enough so that the edges and corners of the prints are not exposed to being dog-eared.


1.1.6Art Show General Rules:          The art show will be open to convention members and will be viewed by people of all ages.          The art show management reserves the right to refuse or remove artwork for administrative reasons.          Copyright and Trademark laws must be complied with. Copyright characters (other than your own) may be displayed but must be marked NFS (Not For Sale) unless proof of copyright holder’s permission is provided.          Only artists or their agents may enter artwork in the art show. Agents will be asked to provide written authorization from the artist(s) they represent. No dealers or resale art will be permitted.          All art must be display-ready and clearly labeled with its title and the artist’s name. Flat art should be matted and or framed with a suitable hanging device attached. The art show is not responsible for damage caused to art by inappropriate hanging devices.          Once a piece of art is entered in the show, it may NOT be withdrawn nor may the conditions of the sale be altered except by permission of the art show management.          Early checkout must be arranged with the Art Show Director.          All artwork (not in the print shop) will have a bid sheet issued listing the artist’s name, title of the work, media used, minimum bid/direct sale price, artist number, and art control number.          Bidding will close Sunday evening at 7:00 p.m. Monday morning will be set aside for direct sale, winning bid and post-auction sales.       The art show will charge a 15% commission on all sales.       Sales tax will be charged on sales as required by law.       In the event that an US artist has artwork returning to the USA in excess of $2,000, Keycon reserves the right to withhold their artwork until they receive a US Federal tax number, as is required by the IRS.       Keycon assumes no responsibility for “no show,” lost, or unfulfilled bids placed on art. Artists who wish to follow through with the bid can petition the convention for contact information.


1.1.7Art Show Awards:          A panel of judges, selected by Keycon will determine winners of various awards and/or ribbons.          The winners will also be recognized in the Keycon Post Con report.          There may also be awards/ribbons presented based on the votes of Keycon attendees.


1.1.8Other Art Show Notes:          The Art Show accepts cash, traveler’s checks and credit cards for the purchase of artwork.          All monies will need to clear prior to the issuing of a check to the artists.          Keycon will attempt to have all checks issued within six weeks of the close of the convention.


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