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Having a safe, healthy, and respectful convention is our paramount concern.

Letter to Members

Code of Conduct


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Letter to Keycon Members

Dear Keycon Members,

By now, some of you may have heard that complaints have been issued to the convention about sexual assaults occurring at past conventions. The current convention committee and the WINSFA Senate take these complaints very seriously and wish to assure all members, that the safety of our convention members is held paramount. The convention has responded to these complaints and has developed a strategy to improve safety for all of our members going forward outlined below.

Early in 2010, the committee chairs realized that the code of conduct used by Keycon inadequately addressed several issues including assault, harassment, and inclusion of diversity among others. A decision was made to pursue making changes to the code through the Senate; however, that process has proven to be too slow. Among the complaints we have heard resoundingly that the absence of our code of conduct opens a space for potential abuse and potentially further assaults. The chairs of Keycon 28 and Keycon 29 whole-heartedly agree and have worked with Senate approval to make changes to the code of conduct that clearly identify expected behaviour at the convention as well as consequences for breaching that behaviour. Further, as you will see in the revised code of conduct below, Keycon has reinforced its policies on harassment and assault amongst others to make it expressly clear that these behaviours will not be tolerated under any circumstance. Keycon is committed to ensuring that our convention is a space where assaults of any kind never occur.

The convention chairs also believe that a code of conduct is only one tool through which we can promote safety at the convention. We are very proud of the familial atmosphere that Keycon has cultivated; our family is built on the premise of mutual respect and trust that throughout the years our family has expanded positively by including diverse groups and giving their voices a spotlight. For a recent example, during the planning for Keycon 27, an explicit decision was made to feature almost exclusively the voices of women in science fiction, fantasy and fandom both through our guest choices and through our programming. Many of you may recall panels in the past few years that specifically talk about empowering female fans and dissuading negative stereotypes, promoting healthy body image, discussing sexual minorities or women of colour in fannish culture, etc. We felt that these choices were necessary to promoting a healthy atmosphere of respect and we will continue to make programming choices that promote inclusion and empowerment in Keycon 28 and conventions into the future.

To promote safety at Keycon 28, the convention committee has enacted this strategy:

  1. The convention code of conduct has been revised. It now clearly outlines policies concerning assault and harassment. The code of conduct also clearly indicates that these behaviours among others will not be tolerated and the consequences we will enact to those who breach our code of conduct.
  2. The convention has invited the Winnipeg Police Service to conduct a panel about personal safety and sexual assault. This panel will occur as a follow-up to opening ceremonies where we expect to have our largest audience.
  3. The convention will hold a Saturday morning panel on women’s self-defence. This panel will feature further information about assaults along with strategies for personal protection.
  4. Convention Security will wear a visible uniform (likely t-shirts with HUGE writing).
  5. Operations (Room 1510) will house both security staff and volunteers to ensure that someone is available 24 hours a day while the convention is on-site at the hotel.
  6. Security information, contact numbers and the code of conduct will be posted at all elevators, inside convention suites on the 15th floor, and in bathrooms in the convention space.
  7. The convention committee will undergo mandatory sexual assault crisis intervention training to be able to best respond should a sexual assault occur. The convention has invited volunteers and hotel staff to attend if they are able.
  8. Hospitality suite organizers will be asked to attend a short smart serve seminar to ensure that no one is overfed liquor, Identification is checked and that volunteers are watching for potential threats to the safety of our convention members.
  9. The movies shown by the video room will be vetted and hospitality suites showing films will be notified that they are not to show films that in anyway glorify rape or sexual assault. If a room is found to have shown such films it will be shut down for the duration of the convention.

It is our sincere hope that by enacting this strategy our convention will be safer and more enjoyable for all. Keycon would also sincerely like to thank those who brought these issues to our attention. Assault and harassment have no place at our convention and we want to keep it that way. For more information about preventing sexual assault please see the fact pages on the Winnipeg Police Service website at: If you have questions about the code of conduct or our safety strategy, please contact the convention chairs at

Levi Labelle
Nancy Fetterman
LeAmber Kensley
Co-chairs, Keycon 28

Download a copy of the Letter to Members (MS Word format).

Download a copy of the Code of Conduct (MS Word format).