Guests of Honour

Author: L. E. Modesitt, Jr.Artist: Theresa MatherEditor: Barbara Galler-Smith

Bonus Guests

Toastmistress/Media Guest: Liana K.Author: Robert J. SawyerAuthor: Rae St. Clair-Bridgman

Author/UFOlogist: Chris RutkowskiAuthor: Craig RussellAuthor: Susan Rocan

Director: Alexandre O. PhilippeAuthor: Sherry PetersEntertainers: Kiss the Giraffe Productions


Great Canadian Board Game BlitzilluminariSteampunk Show & Dinner


Having a safe, healthy, and respectful convention is our paramount concern.

Letter to Members

Code of Conduct


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Keycon Code of Conduct

Behaviour at Keycon

Keycon makes the provision of safety for all of its members paramount. Any action which threatens the safety of anyone during the convention by a convention member or by an outsider to a member of Keycon will be dealt with promptly. This may include, revoking of memberships, banning from future conventions, and police action where appropriate.

Keycon welcomes members from diverse communities. Any action that negatively targets individuals based on their gender, sexuality, race, creed, religion, etc, will NOT be tolerated. The hotel is not dedicated completely to our use for the weekend. Members of the general public stay in and visit the hotel to dine and socialize. Please be considerate of non-convention individuals at all times. Keycon equally expects its members to behave in a civilized fashion and to treat each other respectfully.

Incidents and Reporting

Harassment is NOT tolerated. Harassment is generally any behaviour that intentionally alarms or annoys another person or group. This includes: unwanted physical contact (including non-consensual hugs), following a person or group without a legitimate reason, threatening to physically attack someone or using hate-speech. If you approach someone and they tell you "no" or "leave me alone", your business with them is done. If you do not leave them as they have requested then your behaviour becomes grounds for a harassment complaint.

Please report to the convention committee any incidents in which a member of the convention is: abusive, insulting, intimidating, bothersome or acting in an unsafe or illegal manner. Keycon reserves the right to revoke, without refund, the membership of anyone for any reason. Persons violating the law will be turned over to the police or hotel security.

All assaults are criminal matters and will be treated as such.

Reporting an Incident

All incidents and issues fall under the responsibility of Keycon Operations (Ops). Ops functions out of room 1510 and can be contacted 24 hours a day during the convention. A member of Ops and/or the volunteer committee will be present on the 15th floor throughout the convention. Ops phone numbers are posted at the entrance to all elevators and in bathrooms throughout the convention space as well as on the door to 1510. Ops members will wear distinguishing uniforms (that look nothing like storm troopers or Klingons) and will be easily identifiable.

If someone has become too boisterous or needs an escort to a room or taxi, these are the individuals to call. Ops will also respond to any incidents where this code of conduct has been violated. If you cannot find a member of Ops, we encourage you to seek out a member of the Convention staff (wearing staff ribbons on their badges), or the panel or hospitality room coordinator, or to seek out a Keycon Mentor (identifiable by the block parent symbol on their badges). These members will ensure that you are put in touch with Operations promptly.

ALL convention staff have been trained to respond/intervene in the event of a sexual assault and to protect your rights. If you cannot contact Ops before/during an assault, we encourage you to choose to report the assault afterwards. A member of the convention will ensure that you are safely escorted to the police or hospital of your choosing and without judgement.

Badge Policy

Badging will be in effect in all areas of the convention and at all times. This means that you must wear your badge from opening ceremonies until the end of the dead dog. You will also be REQUIRED to show ID for adult-oriented panels and hospitality suites. If you lose you badge you will need to purchase a new one from Registration Desk!

Badges help staff determine whether a con-goer is over the age of 18 (required by law to imbibe liquor) however badges are also available if adults do not want to be served alcohol in any suite. Please ask registration for a NON-DRINKING badge. Badges are non-transferrable. Persons found trading or sharing badges will have their memberships revoked without refund.

Anyone caught in the convention spaces or the 15th floor without a badge (Ghosting) will be asked to either collect their badge or leave the convention!!!

Weapons and Accessories Policy

Keycon has enjoyed a long safe history of accessorized costumes with next to no accidents or incidents. Let's work together to keep it that way for everyone's enjoyment. You are responsible for your accessory. Watch where your bow or staff is pointing, let's keep the ankle bruising and noggin knockin' to a bare minimum, and ensure that your replica weapon does not break any laws. Keep your blades sheathed, scabbarded, etc. Securing them in their sheath so that the item cannot be casually removed (peacebonding) is REQUIRED. If you need help doing so, see Ops and theyíll help out.

Alcohol and Smoking Policy

Keycon's Hospitality suites are REQUIRED to practice "Itís Good Business" smart-serving and are well informed about the rules concerning mixing alcohol and minors. The rule is: alcohol mixes, minors don't. Equally heinous is the over-serving of a person who is already intoxicated. Hospitality suites will be carefully checking badges and IDs. If any minor is found partaking of an alcoholic beverage, or a suite is found over-serving a patron, that Hospitality suite will be shut down immediately, for the duration of the convention.

Smoking under Winnipeg Health laws smoking is only permitted in "smoking" hotel rooms and in designated outdoor areas. Please remember to time your smoking breaks accordingly to allow for travel time especially at peak periods. Smoking is not permitted on the Radisson Terrace so expect to smoke outside!

Appropriate Dress

Here follows an excerpt from the hotelís letter about Dress Code for our stay at the hotel:

Welcome to the Radisson Hotel, we are pleased that you are once again in our hotel and are looking forward to another successful KeyCon for All. We felt it may be prudent to put our apparel expectations or dress code in writing so there is absolutely no confusion.

We welcome the use of costumes and enjoy seeing them in the hotel. We must however stress that there are other guest who are not involved in KeyCon and minors present in the hotel. All costumes must cover the memberís body - there can be no nudity (partial or otherwise) in the common area of the hotel. Please understand that these are all spaces in the hotel that are not Guest rooms, Meeting rooms, and the 15th Floor. Anyone who does not follow this dress code will be asked to leave the hotel immediately.

To be extra clear this means: The lobby, the hallways, the stairwells and the elevators are considered public spaces and modesty in dress is REQUIRED.

NOTE: There may be filming by local media outlets on site and camera phones are everywhere.


Photography and videotaping are not permitted in the art show. To protect the safety of the masquerade participants, we do not allow flash photography during the masquerade. Ask permission before photographing our guests or other convention members. Do not use tripods and other bulky equipment where they might impede access to seats, doors, and aisles in the event a room must be evacuated.

Children as Fans

Children under 11 years old may attend with a free babes-in-arms membership (with and under the supervision of their legal parent or guardian at all times). Keycon requires that there be at least one supervising adult with a membership accompanying every babe-in-arms member.

Parents of children aged 12-17 who believe their children are mature enough may choose to allow their children to freely roam the convention on their own. Any child who excessively misbehaves or engages in inappropriate, disruptive or dangerous behaviour is subject to having free-roaming privileges or their entire membership revoked.

Some program items dealing with adult-themed topics may be closed to individuals under the age of 18. Photo ID will be required to access these events. Membership in the convention in no way supersedes the law.


Neither Keycon nor the hotel shall be responsible for any items lost or damaged in the public areas of the hotel, neither in the hotelís parking lot, nor in any other parking area during attendance at Keycon. All attendees will take responsibility for their own possessions. If another attendee damages your possessions, it is your responsibility to seek recompense from them directly. If an attendee damages hotel property, they shall be held personally accountable for their actions and be responsible for repaying any debts so incurred.

Download a copy of the Code of Conduct (MS Word format).