Guests of Honour

Author: L. E. Modesitt, Jr.Artist: Theresa MatherEditor: Barbara Galler-Smith

Bonus Guests

Toastmistress/Media Guest: Liana K.Author: Robert J. SawyerAuthor: Rae St. Clair-Bridgman

Author/UFOlogist: Chris RutkowskiAuthor: Craig RussellAuthor: Susan Rocan

Director: Alexandre O. PhilippeAuthor: Sherry PetersEntertainers: Kiss the Giraffe Productions


Great Canadian Board Game BlitzilluminariSteampunk Show & Dinner


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Fandom Community

There's so much going on in Winnipeg that appeals to the fannish heart and mind, whether fan clubs or meetup groups, concerts or art jams, science exhibits, and more. Let us know about your group, or an event that you think would appeal to your fellow fans. In the meantime, check out the following: THESE are the people in YOUR neighborhood!

Fan Clubs

STW: Yesterday... Today... and Tomorrow

"Out there... that away." With these words from Captain James T. Kirk, the first of many Star Trek movies ended, and Star Trek Winnipeg was born. Thirty years later, and currently known as STW, the interests of the club have changed and expanded many times. While still fans of Star Trek in all its variation, we're also interested in other science fiction and fantasy realms, such as Lord of the Rings, Wall-E, Big Bang Theory and Lost Girl. Whether it's humans with laser pistols, or robots with swords and magic, we stand by our heroes and cheer them on to victory and adventure. STW has also evolved a taste for our own adventures, including a summer picnic and a winter pot luck, and also helping with other related events such a suite at Keycon and hospitality at C4, plus others as distant as Montreal, Calgary, Los Angles and Glasgow. Everyone is welcome at STW's meetings, held the second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm, at Pendragon Games & Hobbies, 1354 Main Street, Winnipeg, were we plan club projects and discuss the latest in SF and fantasy movies. For more information, email or phone 204-772-5415.

Generations: The Science Fiction Club

New frontiers await you at Generations: The Science Fiction Club! Winnipeg’s favorite science fiction club welcomes new friends to share their adventures. Come out for a great evening of fun, and discover an enthusiastic group of talented, creative, and articulate people, eager to share their love of science fiction movies, television, books, comics, collectibles, computer games, and more. Activities include barbeques, picnics, movie nights, horseback riding, attending sci-fi conventions, and of course their signature hospitality suite at Keycon, every May long weekend. For more information, see their Yahoo!Groups page, and join Generations: The Science Fiction Club today. Boldly Go!

Fans with other Interests

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, Winnipeg Branch

Looking to set your inner artist free? Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School is for you. Find more details at Dr. Sketchy's Winnipeg.

Keycon Needlework Circle and Revolutionary Society

Ever noticed how creative fandom is? Of course you have! And one of the outlets for this creativity is needlework and fibre arts of all sorts! Whether you sew, embroider, knit, crochet, spin, weave, or create any other kind of fibre handwork, this is the group for you. Come join our Facebook group, so when we get to Keycon, we'll be ready to sit down and share projects and ideas. One other fantastic outcome of this kind of gathering is the conversations we share... it's not all gossip, and this ain't your gramma's quilting bee. Or maybe it is - maybe Gramma was a revolutionary too!