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Author: L. E. Modesitt, Jr.Artist: Theresa MatherEditor: Barbara Galler-Smith

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Toastmistress/Media Guest: Liana K.Author: Robert J. SawyerAuthor: Rae St. Clair-Bridgman

Author/UFOlogist: Chris RutkowskiAuthor: Craig RussellAuthor: Susan Rocan

Director: Alexandre O. PhilippeAuthor: Sherry PetersEntertainers: Kiss the Giraffe Productions


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Important Announcement from Art Show for Artists:

Final email information packets have been sent out. If you have not received them from Phynix please email the Art Show team ASAP and they will get you that packet.

Drop off for Winnipeg artists is May 9th to the 13th from 12:00 pm (lunch time) to 4 pm at Pendragon Games and Hobbies. You are going to 1354 Main Street. We are through the side door to the basement. The door is off of Cathedral Ave and will have a nice sign that says "Keycon Art Show" on the door. Please just go in to the basement and continue further into the room, you will eventually see us.

If you have to mail in, please email Phynix NOW (! She needs to know where you're mailing from so she can tell you where you're mailing to.

Important Announcement from Art Show for the Art Buyers:

Remember that we are no longer accepting your badge number as a bidder number. Due to changes in our program we need you all to file with us for your bidder number. Bidder numbers will be available to be picked up at the front desk of the Art Show, just speak to one of the volunteers for it.

We are opening Friday night after opening ceremonies / as soon as the art is set up, and not closing our door until final bid at 1 am Sunday morning (one hour past midnight on Saturday). Please see Art Show for more information.

Art Show

With Keycon fast approaching the Art Show team has been hard at work getting the new panels set and ready for sale. The artists who registered for their panels are looking to get more, but before we allow for people to pick up more panels we wanted to allow others to get in. So here is your chance.

Keycon art panels are a 2' wide by 4' tall space that you can use as needed. You must make sure we have room to put the bid sheets with your art so please make sure you book enough room. If you're not sure how many panels you need please feel free to email the team telling them how big your pieces are and they will be happy to tell you how many you should get.

For more on our convention's Art Show and what it is like please read the FAQ below! And don't forget to read our Rules and Regulations.

Important Information for Bidders!

This year the Keycon Art Show is introducing a new feature for bidders. And that is a BIDDER NUMBER! You have to register with the Art Show front desk for a bidder number before you can bid on a piece. If you do not all your bids will be scratched from the sheet and you will loose the rights to the piece! So register before you bid!

Please note that this is not us being mean to bidders, this is us protecting the artists and the convention from shill bids. Thank you.

Art Show F.A.Q.

Q: Does this show run like an Artist Alley I see at Comic Con, or Anime Conventions?

A: No, it doesn't. This convention's Art Show is just that: a show. We have wall sections we set up and hang art on to show all the convention. It is then up for bid in an auction-like setting.

Q: It says I can buy a table, does that mean I have to work it?

A: Tables are not for flat art pieces, they are there for the 3D artists that want to be a part of the Art Show. At no point in time does the artist need to be at the show. They can drop off the pieces a week before the convention and then forget about it.

Q: $10.00 deposit is cheap, what is in it for Keycon?

A: In our rules and regulations it states that the convention sells your pieces, collects and claims the taxes and gets to keep 20% of the money you make. From there we send you a check and your remaining art. What you do after that is your choice.

Q: I am from out of province/country, can I still display and sell my art?

A: YES! In fact we have a great mail-in system. You make sure your art makes it to us before the convention and we do the work for you. Just ship it to us, pay for shipping home and we do the rest!

Q: I am from the USA, how do I get my art over the border?

A: Oh again easy, you will be shipping it to our American side collection point, from there when they have all the art from the American side artists they put it through the broker and border checks at the same time. Again you just pay shipping to us and shipping home from us, and we take care of the rest.

Q: When do we get our checks and art back?

A: We would love to give it to you the moment the show closes, but honestly we are unable to. Often we do not have the ability to cut checks for a week after the convention. We understand that is a long period of time but we do this as fast as we are able to. Art is able to be picked up on the last day of the convention, or better yet the week after at our local collection point! Art that is shipped to us ships home the next week after the convention.

Q: How do I buy panels?

A: Panels can be bought at Pendragon Games and Hobbies in Winnipeg, and soon online through PayPal. Contact the Art Show team if you have questions.