Masquerade Information and Rules

     Version 1.1 Last Updated April 7, 2013

This is the first draft of the rules for the masquerade. We will be revising, updating, and expanding them over the next several months. We appreciate your feedback and comments as we hope to provide the best masquerade experience possible.


The Masquerade is an event that has grown tremendously over the past few years. Due to that growth, and the feedback received from the participants there a number of changes being implemented this year to make it better for both the contestants and the viewing public.

Are you thinking about making a fabulous costume to wear at the Convention?
Why not sign up for the Masquarade and show it off to an appreciative Audience?
Mark 'Gopher' Dobres will be the Mc for the event.


Masqerade Registration

This is one of the two areas that the biggest changes will be made. All registration for the Masquerade will be taking place pre convention our online registration. Click here to register. To aid in the transition we will be having a one hour slot on Friday (2100-2200) for those that do not have Internet access. DJ Gopher will also be available at this time to discuss your music selection, or other special musical needs. Music must be provided by the participant, unless Gopher has indicated he already has the music.

Late entries will not be judged, and may not have accompnying music.

To Register for the Masquerade, please fill out the form located Here!


Walkthrough / Judging

This is the other big change that will be happening in this year's masquerade. The walk through and judging will take place at 4pm in the (placeholder) room. All contestants are required to attend in full costume in order to be judged and to help ensure the show will run smoothly. All categories other than fan favorite and performance will be judged at this time.



The following will be the categories used for judging.


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