Dealers Room

Keycon would like to thank the following dealers who participated in our Dealers Room this year.

  1. Dave Pruden (Artist)
  2. Pendragon Games and Hobbies (Non-electronic)
  3. Pendragon Games and Hobbies (Non-electronic)
  4. Andrew Lamoreux
  5. Stella Matutina
  6. Little Star Gifts (Anime Shop)
  7. Little Star Gifts (Anime Shop)
  8. Faery Ink Press
  9. The Bear's Den Book Collector Services (Used SF/Fantasy books)
  10. Bundoran Press
  11. Quicksilver Halo
  12. Thorgrid Jewellery (Steampunk Jewelry)
  13. Champagne Books (Publisher)
  14. Dragon wing Fashions (Chainmaille Fashion and Accessories)
  15. Connie Embury (Costumes/accessories)
  16. Diana Pedersen & Natasha Wiebe
  17. Prairie Gypsy (Unique handcrafted jewellery and accessories)
  18. Dan J. Gutwein
  19. Nerdhaven Collectables ("One Stop for All Your Collecatbles" )
  20. Ryuu Anime (Anime and Collectables)
  21. Steinbach Larpers Society (Cool boffer swords & more)
  22. Johnathan Hatton (Local Artist)
  23. On the 11th Floor - Chapters/Indigo Polo Park

Keycon 2013 Dealers Room Layout

Dealers Room Hours

Friday: 7pm - 11pm
Saturday: 10am - 7pm
Sunday: 10am - 5pm


Keycon's dealers room is open to the public (no membership required), and is located in the
Radisson's Ambassador H room on the 12th floor across from the restaurant.




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