What is extravaganzas?

Extravaganzas are all of the "big event programming" that is massively attened, and takes additional planning and preparation compared to your regular panels.

These items include:

Please note that because we're still a ways away, a number of the times below are written in sand, as opposed to stone, and may change. We're publishing as much information ahead of time as possible so people can begin to plan their 30th Anniversary Experience. If you have questions about any of the events you see below, please contact our head of extravagazas Alex Stornel.



Opening Ceremonies

Where:Ambassador A
When:19:00 Friday May 17
What:Past guests of honour have remarked that not only are the opening ceremonies one of the best attended, they are also some of the most unique, creative, and entertaining of all the conventions they've attended. Come and meet the guests, and find out what makes opening ceremonies so special.



Ice Cream Social

Where:Ambassador A
When:20:00 Friday May 17 - Immediately following Opening Ceremonies.
What:Keycon provides a unique experience in terms of how attendees get to interact with the guests of Honor. That statement couldn't be more true when applied to our Ice Cream Social, again, come and meet the guests as they serve a tasty treat!




Where:Ambassador A
When:18:00 Saturday May 18
What: It's part costume contest, it's also part exhibition / presentation / skits / dance routines / and more! There is also usually an intermission featuring a performance (musical, or comedy, or...?). There are many reasons why our members spend all year planning and preparing for the masquerade.
For more information on participating in the Masquerade, click here



The Social

Where:Ambassador A
When:20:00 Saturday May 18 starts 30mins to 1 hour after the Masquerade is finished.
What: If you're from Manitoba, no further explanation is required. For our visitors from out of Town, this is our dance. A chance to shake a leg, and listen to great music all night long. Featuring Gopher the DJ, and a late night snack, it's a great way to spend a Saturday night. As part of our 30th Anniversary, stay tuned as we announce details that will make this social unforgettable! (Hint: Geek Prom)



Closing Ceremonies

Where:Ambassador A
When:16:00 Sunday May 19
What:It's time to say goodbye. The last official programming item of the convention. Usually the winners of various prizes and contests are announced, swag is bestowed, and a sneak peak at what's in store for next year.



The Dinner

Where:Ambassador A
When:18:30 Sunday May 19
What:Once upon a time, we used to take the guests and the ConCom out for a dinner to say thanks, and start the dead dog. But it grew and it grew, and it grew. Enter the dinner. Some years the dinner has hosted the Auorora Awards, other years we've had an array of performances. In 2013, it's a class reunion. We celebrate 30 years of Keycon, and will be presenting a variety of awards (some serious, some not so much.) Once we've confirmed the menu with the hotel, tickets will be made available. Please remember seating is limited.


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