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Gregory Dennis Young
Thanks to all for a great con (what I saw of it)! I felt like my old self, changing costumes at the drop of a hat. My extra special thanks to all of the classic Batman fans in the Masquerade audience!!! I entered the contest simply hoping to get a few laughs but you guys brought the house DOWN! Thanks so much for making that a very special memory for me! can I top that next year?! :)

Betty Punkert
Thanks to everyone for a fantastic con. Didn't make all the panels I wanted (a girl gotta eat once in a while), but made it through without the annual Sunday too-many-people meltdown, and danced the social out, which I haven't been able to do (physically) in years, which felt fantastic.
Had a blast at Buffy/Rocky and the dinner, and explored the filk room for the first time. (I filked a little at WFC, but I was at least somewhat familiar with Charles de Lint's stuff.) That was fun. Maybe next time I'll bring sheet music so I remember my harmony parts. *sheepish look*
The guests were fantastic, and I got a lot of fun and knowledge out of the panels I could attend. (Leather Making for the win!!) Maybe I'll have the courage to try Writer's Idol next year, now that I've seen how it works.
Thanks to all the staff and volunteers who make this convention so amazing. Mwah!

Jim Buchanan
I would like to thank all those people who came out to the KeyCon Gaming room. We at JimCon had a blast being able to entertain you with our games collections'. Our thanks to Brian Mitchell and Levi Labelle for letting us help out. Thanks to GameKnight as well for sponsoring the room.
Biggest thanks goes out to Richard Hatch for coming out and playing Battlestar Galactica the Board Game. Everyone enjoyed the time he was able to play with us, unfortunately we couldn't push back closing ceremonies to let him finish the game. ;P

Shayla Elizabeth
A great big EKOSI/MIIGWICH to Robert J. Sawyer for agreeing to mentor me, and then helping me get to my first Con--it was a blast! *Loved* the feedback in our Blue Pencil session, but especially the gentle encouragement to see other writing/publishing professionals in the Blue Pencils--the elevators not working also helped . . . tee-hee. Learned so much from each of the panels that you were on--Sherry Peters, you know the bestest people! There was too much going on, I did not get a chance to do everything I wanted, but there will be more Cons! :D

Alex Szele
As I left before the dead dog, I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone I met at KeyCon. I was a noob, and you all took me in like I was long-lost family.
I was (and am) sincerely amazed at how welcome I felt in such a large and diverse group of people. Consider another member hooked for life. :)

Cassidy Andrews-Allison
Where do I even start?
Thank you to everyone who took care of me during the downs of the weekend, and those who helped me create the ups.
Loved actually going to panels for the first time, learned a lot and scored a sweet chain-mail bracelet too. Helping out with the Newbie and Wildgard panels was fun, I honestly love the feeling of being helpful to the con. Loading boxes at the end while sleep deprived made me feel so good, but OW so bad.

Sherry Peters
I'm still recovering my energy from the fabulous Keycon weekend! I want to add my thanks to everyone who made this con so awesome. Special thanks go to those who worked so hard on the Literary track of programming: Gerald Brandt, Robert J. Sawyer, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Ann Aguirre, Samantha Beiko, David Annandale, Steven Barnes, Karen Dudley, Marie Bilodeau, Chadwick Ginther, Graeme Brown, Clare Marshall, Billie Milholland, Eileen Bell, J.M. Frey, Hayden Trenholm, Ron Hore, Leia Getty, Rob Riddell, and Lindsay Kitson. You all did an amazing job! Thank you so much for your hard work!

Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Thanks for inviting me to Keycon. It was very fun and I had never seen anything like the 15 floor. Plus, I joined a secret society! If you want to stay in touch I'm on Twitter @Silviamg or contact me via And there's always Facebook. Take care!

David Harborne
Con was amazing - not enough sleep of course, but I really enjoyed myself. Chatting with friends, both old and new, and even some great chats with some guest (thanks Lar and Richard). Wish I could have gotten a chance to chat with all the guests, but, maybe next time. One question, does anyone know who the "Tardis lady" that gave a bunch of stuff to Kat in children's programming? There were way to many people in Tardis costumes this year to give me a positive ID too. My daughter wanted to thank her - she got some much wanted W.I.T.C.H. toys that she really wanted.

Kayla Quinn
As I travel back to Thunder Bay I remember how truly magnificent you made my weekend! Thanks Keycon and participants. It was awesoome!
Had a total blast at con this year. Met a bunch of interesting people and great to see friends I don't see often enough. Thanks to the Staggering Penguin for feeding me such delicious meals.Kudos to the Con Com and volunteers for making a great weekend. It was so good to see the new members fit right in -"This is your first con? You're kidding!" Sadly, a nasty cold kept me from enjoying Dead Dog as much as I usually do, but there's always next year!

Thomas Finesse Hammer Carpenter
Hey everyone. Corey Toews Sean and myself made a video of our Keycon 2013 experience. Another great con, already planning next year's cosplay.

Jessie Lewis
The last three years of Con have been some of the best in my memory. Running the Room of Awesome has been a fantastic experience and I am more than a little sad to see Captain (Major) Awesome hang up his smiley. I want to send a huge thank you out to both those who have helped in the suite (Ryan, Wolfgang, Lillian, Aaronand many others) as well as all of the wonderful Con-goers who helped make the Room of Awesome so very awesome. Thanks for all the roflmaos and the memories. Now onward and upwards!

Cierra Madison
Just wanted to thank each and every one of who for making this year extra special. It was only my 2nd con, but I felt as though I was being reunited with my oldest friends.
Big thanks go out to The Staggering Penguin, always felt a warm welcome there and also to The Blender Men for their FABULOUS concoctions and great conversations.
All in all, I've become a con-goer for life, and it's only because of all of you amazing people.
If anyone would like to stay in touch throughout the year, please feel free to add me here on Facebook :)

Thea Winde
Highlights of the weekend:
  • Bringing a ton of new friends to the con and showing them around, as well as making new ones.
  • Watching a "fake geek girl" derailer get shut down by the audience at the "Women in Geek Culture" panel. Also EVERYTHING about the Women in Geek Culture panel!
  • Opting for a comfy seat at the bitch panel and getting pictures with the entire Awesome Room volunteers. Including meeting people that I always see in passing and never really talked to!

Dave Strang
Keycon 30 has come and gone. Just good memories and exhaustion left. Thanks to the Chairs, the ComCom and the Volenteers that made it happen. And a thanks to all those that showed up so it would happen.

Anna Murray
Well survived and another Con. I was really nice to see those I don't get a chance to see often. Thanks to Concom for making it one of the best we've had in a very long time. Now to prepare for next year.

Rob Riddell
Hi. I want to say thanks for the great experience at the Keycon this year. I really enjoyed the opportunity to present an H.P. Lovecraft story on Friday night.
Also I want to congratulate the all the organizers for the overall event and big kudos to Sherry Peters and the others who arranged the literary stream. Very interesting panelists and Blue Pencil sessions. I met lots of great new people.
Looking forward to next year already. Smiles . . .

Julie Gelmich
Had an awesome time at con. Favourite moment(s) has to be the sing-a-longs. They were just so much fun, and having it in a big room where we could actually dance was awesome!!

Leslie Paul Brant
Can we do this again next weekend?

Chad McFarland
Just wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone at Keycon especially Levi Labelle for providing Valour Historical Fencing Club with a great table and fantastic room for demo. Thank you to all the volunteers, Con committee, and everyone who attended. Your support for a Winnipeg non-profit community club based program is a testament to what good people you all are. Thanks and hope to see many of you out during the year learning to fence!
Prairie Gypsy
Thank you one and all for a great weekend. Everyone in the Twisted Circus hope you enjoyed the show Friday night. A great big thanks to Mark Dobres for music and lighting, to Brian for drumming along, your seat for next year is already reserved! A great big personal thanks John Speelman, this was my first year vending Objects of our Affliction at the con, and I am already planning for next year.

Donald M. Pelletier
Many thanks for a great con... I am so coming next year..

Hayden Trenholm
Thanks for a great Con!

Jon Coulson
We had a grate time at Keycon

Chadwick Ginther
I'm trying to decide whether Keycon 30 was my favourite Keycon, or my favourite con, period. Thank you Brian and Levi. Thank you ConCom and Volunteers. Thank you to all the guests. Thanks to everyone else for being awesome. I had an absolute blast.

Willow Skylor
Amazing job to everyone who made this the best convention in Winnipeg. Each year the bar gets raised higher and higher. It's hard right now to chose what was the best moment of the weekend but I had so much fun last night watching the Rocky Horror Picture show for the first time. Yes ladies and gents you read that right, until last night I was a RH vergin. And I loved how entertaining it was to watch all those of you who are fans get up and dance, sing and shout out obscenities to the screen.
Thanks for such a great weekend, oh before I forget the Cthulhu Queen wants to thank her minions for the great unplanned walk up to the stage during the masquerade. Can't wait to see the pics.

Chris Comstock
A con well done. See most of you next year and the rest of you sooner.

Shayla Elizabeth
I did the literary stream of Programming--felt like my own private Clarion! MIIGWICH/EKOSI Robert J. Sawyer, Sherry Peters, Chadwick Ginther, Hayden Trenholm Marie Bilodeau, Gerald Brandt, Karen Dudley, Lindsay Kitson, Rob Riddell, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Ann Aguirre, Steven Barnes, Lee Moyer!

Dallas Hollett
Big thanks to all those involved in making the big 3-0 a possibility. In speaking for myself and those with me, we had a blast and look forward to next year! Thanks for having us!

Christopher A Schmidt
I had a unique weekened and I liked it. I would like to thank the people that are there, the hospitality rooms for handling the crowds, and those that supplied the tournaments and events.

Rachel Buffington
Just posting on here, on behalf of all who all got to help out with the Havok Panel: We had an awesome time, and hope to do this again next year! Keycon 30 was an incredible experience! If anyone is curious to join but didn't get the info, you can reach us at



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