Dear Keycon 30,


Though our convention closed, our gratitude for all that you did to make this convention the best convention in 30 years, endures. Keycon 30 passed many more milestones this year than just our 30th birthday. For the first time, more than 680 Alumni new and old attended, Keycon 30 trended on twitter, R’lyeh attempted to rise in our Ambassador ballrooms and a secret society was formed. Keycon? Yes, there is an app for that! Keycon had over 140 hours of programming that was full and robust and seriously well attended. Captain Apollo piloted our opening ceremonies. Daleks invaded our masquerade and elevator-stranded con-goers were comforted by good friends and a hundred knitted Who-scarves. We crowned our first ever King and Queen at the geek prom and celebrated all of the amazing people who have made Keycon great for 30 years with awards and song. Keycon 30 was a homecoming of truly epic proportions that I know we will talk about for years to come. Thank you. To all of you who made this Keycon possible, we thank each of you.


Our Convention Committee:


Brent and Jan, who scrambled at the last minute for all the things we could not forget and didn’t complain when we were grumpy and tired.
Heather, who made all of our money work and who tirelessly organized our lives from a small secluded corner of the convention without escape.
Alex Stornel and Carol Leblond, who made our dreams of a geek prom, a twelfth night, a buttery smooth masquerade and so much more, come to life all the while escorting our guests through the convention. To their families:, Cliff, Pierre, Julie, and Becca, who assisted from the shadows, thank you.
John Speelman not only organized an amazing dealers room, but talked at least one conchair out of a tree or two.
Mike Major, who made the convention go when we could not.
Skye Carette. We worked your fingers to the bone with pre-reg and then pushed you further. You made registration seem painless, answered questions with professionalism and kept us laughing. We owe you much Starbucks!
John Pattie, who filled our hospitality floor and saw to our entire 15th floor needs including moving the immovable and sopping it up with towels.
Ryan Scott with whom we learned many lessons.
Joey Wensel for bringing us dancing, song and mirth.
JimCon, with whom we hope to have made a life-long partnership. Jim and his team ran an incredibly organized game room that flowed at capacity.
Kim May. She who tamed the mighty waters of R’lyeh and fought back against the cultists of Cthulhu. You kept us sugared, sane and serene even when it was most difficult.
Our first-time programming team: Sherry Peters, Lindsay Kitson, Anna and Charlie Lauder who spent so many sleepless nights and endured many butt-numbing meetings to craft over 140 hours of programming that was amazing well attended, diverse, interesting and fantastic.
John Mansfield and Linda Ross-Mansfield, who navigated our communication and used their incredible decoding skills to deliver the amazing award pins we never knew we wanted so badly. John and Linda also graciously opened up their store to us and suffered our intrusions, all the while selling memberships and the convention with a smile.
DJ Mark ‘Gopher’ Dobres who kept us all dancing and smiling even when our feet ached. Thank you for helping Richard Hatch have the full Keycon experience.
Scotia Buchan, who navigated this convention beside us through all of the dark with her shining smile and positivity; who made our Art Show shine too when we thought it was impossible; who assisted our artists and guests to find their way. Who jumped in to help on the programming committee when other had to step away. Who fueled our meetings with tasty eats and reminded us to remain human.

To each of you who helped us in all of the expected ways and especially the unexpected ways, thank you.


Our Guests:


Ann Aguirre, who taught us about the dangers of crossing borders and the pleasures of the results.
J.M. Frey, who taught us about fanthropology and made our convention a truly ‘meta’ experience.
Lee Moyer, who evoked our imaginations with his tremendous art and his fantastically true, tall-tales. To Venetia who gave warm smiles, great stories and so much spirt.
Steven Barnes, whose wealth of knowledge seemed as endless as his kindness.
Silvia Moreno-Garcia, who guided new writers through Dagon-infested waters and shared the spirit of togetherness.
Lar DeSouza, who shared his laughter and his art with all who asked and especially those who didn’t.
Cassondra Felton-Tufti, who brought more than neighbourliness but also frolicking fun and ferocious fan fervor.
Richard Hatch, for helping us navigate the convention and keeping Tom Zarek from throwing us out an airlock. Your stories and warmth were the lubrication that made our convention smooth.
For all of the time you spent with our members in panels, in conversation in quiet corners, in secret societies, and in membership, Thank you.
All of our Also Attending Guests: David Annandale, Samantha Mary Beiko, Marie Bilodeau, Gerald Brandt, Graeme Brown, GMB Chomichuk, Karen Dudley, Chadwick Ginther, Ronald Hore, Lindsay Kitson, Clare Marshall, Sherry Peters, Ryan Roth Bartel, Rob Riddell, Robert J. Sawyer, Hayden Trenholm, J. Ellen Smith. Thank you for your hours of storytelling, paneling, and workshopping that made our programming so amazing.


Our Artists:


Lee Moyer, Lar DeSouza, GMB Chomichuk, Ryan Roth Bartel, Teresa Mather, Ruth Thompson, Alan Beck, Kari-Ann Anderson, Dave Pruden, Angela Sawatzky, Dara Perih, Shannon Faultley-Sawatzky, Shy Pattie, Stephanie Black, Asa Nodelman, Dan Waldman, Robert McDowel, Phynix Caskey. You made our artshow a religious experience.
GMB Chomickuk, who gave hours of his time to help our merchandise move. Ryan Roth Bartel, whose crazed and eldritch leatherwork adorned our Prom King and Queen’s heads.
Maureen Babb, Stephanie Black and Dara Johnson for the original Cthulhu-Who concept art for our website.
Thank you.


Our Hospitality Suites:


The Staggering Penguin, who kept the convention well-fed and well-watered as our official consuite. Thank you, Darell, Jess, Eric, Heidi, Phil, RJ, Amber, Kelly, Cyrena, Vicki, Grant, and Keith. Thank you Diana for all of your culinary art and Sharra for your tireless organization.
The Room of Awesome whose name is more true than most realize; Colin and Jess who do so much more for programming than just their suite; Ryan, Wolf and Lillian.
The Clockwork Club and the Crewe who had many other things to do at this convention of which this suite was just one: Nancy, Chris, Glen and Kim.
The Dandy Lion who brought Filk officially to the 15th floor: Morva, Allen, Bodi, Elizabeth, Lana, Lisa, Kylea, Anya, Josh, Wesley. To Decadent Dave who received Keycon’s award for outstanding contributions to Manitoba fandom. To Bodi who overcame her nerves to deliver an amazing speech. To Lillian and Wolfgang who are experts in cloning and volunteering everywhere!
To SFW who brought us Christmas in May.
To Bre-Ax Omega and their amazing robot.
To WAC and all of the shows.
To the Blendermen (and the beermen) for so many delicious libations.
You all made our 15th floor unforgettable, Thank you for your Hospitality.


Our Partners, Sponsors and Dealers


Our Partners, who generously opened up their stores for our tickets and posters, who gave up their time to make the convention a success and who worked with us all year:
JimCon, Face-Off Sports Cards, Bookfair, Galaxy Comics and Collectibles, Maxx Collectibles, Pendragon Games and Hobbies, The Bear’s Den, Dog-Eared Books, Central Canadian Comic Con, GameKnight Games and Cool Stuff, Comics America, Radisson Hotel Downtown, CoreCon, The Winnipeg Public Library.

Our Sponsors who generously donated time and prizing for our convention:
Mitchell Fabrics, Final Sword Productions, JSG Photography, Ted Sali Photo, Fantasy Flight Games, Canad Inns Polo Park (Colleen Labelle and Mark Bordolinksi), New Bridge Toy Shop, Pendragon Games and Hobbies, The Bear’s Den, COTC Designs.

Our Dealers who brought us many fine wares: Dave Pruden, Pendragon Games and Hobbies, Andrew Lamoreux, Stella Matutina, Little Star Gifts, Faery Ink Press, Bear’s Den, Bundoran Press, Quicksilver Halo, Thorgrid Jewellery, Champagne Publishing, Dragon Wing Fashions, Connie Embury, Diana Pedersen and Natasha Wiebe, Prairie Gypsy Designs, Dan J. Glutwein, Nerdhaven Collectibles, Ryuu Anime, Steinbach Larpers, Jonathon Hatton
A special thank you to Chapters/Indigo for bringing in the books by all of our guests on short notice.


Our Volunteers:


Without you our convention could not go. We owe each of you a tremendous amount of gratitude. To all of those whom we managed to get to thank personally and especially to all of those whose efforts went under-noticed, we thank you.
Alex, who took all the great pictures and moved our art in the art auction.
Cassidy, for all of your help on the moving crew.
Chadwick, who helped Silvia find her way home. Chandra for the fantastic videos of Dave Clement singing after winning the Keycon 30 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Manitoba Fandom.
Chloe, who came to her first convention to help and never stopped working.
Cierra, for bringing even more fabulous to the Art Show.
Cliff, for helping us with the twitters.
Craig, who chauffeured, and schlepped, and sat and waited and lugged, and hauled and generally did everything we couldn’t think of, and then some.
Ed, who ran a tournament and helped with load-in.
Glen, who deserves more thanks than we can give for all of the hats he wore.
Iain, who held down Ops when Mike was unavailable, sat in Reg so Skye could go to the Masquerade, for all of your advice and support. And especially for knowing when we just needed a hug.
James and Nerds on Site, for our spectacular apps.
John and Laura, for all of your work in the auction.
Johnathan, who ensured Lar was there to fight Cthulhu when needed.
Josh, who showed up when we most needed him and helped us let everyone know about the greatness of Keycon.
Julie, for your wonderful photos.
Kari-Ann, who made fantastic art and connected us to so many others.
Keith and all of the rest who loaded in and loaded out.
Laurie, who never left the Art Show.
LeAmber, our Prom Queen, for all of her help with Steven, operations, auctioneering, and mentoring our programming team. You made it look so easy even when we knew it was not.
Lillian and Wolf, who were everywhere.
Lisa and Chris, who corralled and supported frightened children.
Lyndie, who helped move out all of our stuff.
Mama Kat, for all of her work with the kids.
Manya, who postered and walked many miles.
Monica, for helping everywhere.
Neil who lifted all the heavy stuff
Phil, who came to the rescue.
Phynix, who swooped in with her experience.
Pierre, for crafting our Tardises and for all of the fine food. Roth, who lugged out the goods.
Samantha, who carried the show out of the Radisson.
Shy, for all of your mirthful tours of the Art Show.
Yuiry, who had us tilting all weekend with the Dr. Who Pinball Machine.
Thank you to you each and to each of those whose names we may have missed.
Our convention could not happen without you.

Levi and Brian
Co-Chairs, Keycon 2013

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All rights reserved.


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