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Victor Schwartzman, fan guest of honor, wants to know why you live in Winnipeg instead of Vancouver. Write, in 50 words or less, about why you (the real you or the fictional you) live in Winnipeg instead of Vancouver, and you could win:

• Two VCON 2012 memberships
• VCON Swag
• Run a VCON panel if you want
• Host a movie showing, courtesy Victor
• See actual mountains


This contest has two stages!!

Anyone entering the contest up to ONE WEEK PRIOR to KeyCon is eligible for the prizes above, but is also eligible for the uniquely Victoresque gift pictured here!!

The "prize"

Yes, it is a planter made out of a hollowed out baby’s head. Why would anyone do this? What message is it sending? This planter is made of high quality ceramic something, and even features a water (or some fluid) catcher thingee on the bottom.

The photograph was taken by Victor on his deck on February 28. Note the absence of snow. Note the green plants. Note the weird flower sticking out of the baby’s scooped-out head. In so many ways, for Victor this photograph sums up Vancouver. What do you think?

Pre KeyCon submissions may be made up to one week prior to Keycon’s starting date. Send your submissions to:

The best entry received in answer to the contest question (you don’t have to refer to the photo) up to one week prior to KeyCon will win this wonderfully grotesque planter. This winner will SET THE BAR!! Can you top the winner of Round One?

Second round entries, for the VCON package, will be held during KeyCon.

Written entries will be received by Victor at KeyCon up to late Saturday or maybe early Sunday, but definitely not Monday. The winner of the VCON package will be announced at closing ceremonies.

Victor is the sole Judge, and welcomes bribes.

The best bribe offered to Victor will itself win a prize. Bribes should be offered in writing and sent to Victor at, or offered to Victor in person at KeyCon. If you cannot afford a bribe on your own, form a group.

Thanks to VCON for providing the memberships, tee-shirts and whatever else Victor can carry on the plane!