Keycon - Manitoba's premiere science fiction and fantasy convention


SATURDAY: 9AM-9PM (sign on the door for late registration)



It is that time the convention is around the corner, and with that we have a few registration announcements! First let us say thank you to all of our WONDERFUL supporters who pre registered at one of our many wonderful retailers. You all are great to get it in early!

Secondly, and most importantly, registration is moving up in the convention world, in fact up one floor to be exact. Registration is no longer on the 11th floor but on the 12th. Same place as before (behind the stair case) just up a floor! So see Skye and her staff to get your badges, also remember we need government photo id to claim your badge.



What are you expecting to spend on your badge at the door? Here you go!

Babe in Arms (0 to 5 years) = $0.00
Child (6 to 11 years) = $15.00
Youth (12 -17 years) = $35.00
Adult (18+) = $60.00



For the few of you who don't have the time to come for the whole weekend we do have day passes available.

Friday: $25.00
Saturday: $30.00
Saturday Night: $20.00 (Only available after 6pm Saturday)
Sunday: $25.00



A worth note to mention! All Rates are all in Canadian Dollars!



Also we have extremely limited seats available for the buffet dinner on Sunday. So get them early, after all you want to see the second part to that wonderful steam punk play by the wonderful production team of Kiss the Giraffe!

Sunday Dinner: $35.00



Our wonderful fine retailers:

Book Fair (340 Portage Ave)
Comics America (550 Academy Rd)
Dog Eared Books (1157 Henderson Hwy)
Face Off Cards (3043 Ness Ave)
Galaxy Comics (200-1109 Henderson Hwy)
Game Knight Games and Cool Stuff (726 Osborne St)
Pendragon Games and Hobbies (1354 Main St)

Or online: