Keycon - Manitoba's premiere science fiction and fantasy convention


Questions for you to answer.
Do you love Keycon?
Are you coming to Keycon?
Do you want to see Keycon keep moving forward?
Do you have a few great ideas?
Did you answer ANY of these as a YES?

Then you need to help out at Keycon! Keycon is a completely Volunteer based convention. That means no one takes home a salary, and we all pay for our badge for the wonderful privilege to run this convention! So we do need all the help we are get, throughout the year, and more so at the con.

Don't think you can help out?
I honestly know you can! We need people to simply remove trash from areas, make sure some "staff" get breaks, set up large projects like the dealers room or art show. Or even watching for peoples badges to areas.

Can you do one of these?
This I know is a yes answer! So all you need to do is to email Ed and Glenn before the convention at or find them at the convention.

Don't know how they look, we hope to have photos for you soon.

Know places we need help...
Art Show: Set up on Friday during the day. Tear down on Sunday night after the auction. Find Phynix (most likely in art show) for how to help.
Dealers Room: People to help the individual dealers move in.
Floor 15: People to help suites to load things in and out. Look for the suite coordinators.



Any other Departments who need help, might be posting to Face Book for it. They can also email Glenn and Ed to request people. Also emailing Phynix to announce it on the site!