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So are you trying to pre plan your conventions? AWESOME here is the current program grid for you all! As always remember that program grids are never set in stone, they are more placed in firm Jell-o. So as much as we are saying this is how it will show in the program book, at the convention it may in fact change. Please enjoy the grid, and HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!



Program Grid, Description of Programing

Thank you to programming, and publications for the great work as always!


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With Keycon around the corner, and the games stacking up, it was time to update what it is we will have there, join us all for more fun games then you can possibly in a single weekend.

So here are just a select few of the games that are planned for this weekend. The gaming crew hopes that you will check out our information in the Program Book to see a more completed list, and as in the past, it is always a good plan to come down and just check out what people pulled out to play!

We're going to have a good group of gaming going this year.


We've got Scott from the Manitoba Pathfinder Lodge running Pathfinder Society organized play scenarios all weekend. They will be running games in the following times:

Friday: 7PM to Midnight
Saturday: 9AM-2PM, 2PM-7PM, 7PM-midnight
Sunday: 9AM-2PM, 2PM-7PM

If you haven't yet heard about Pathfinder, pop by and check it out. At least 1 scenario every slot will be newbie-friendly. They will also provide pre-generated characters for people so you can just walk up and play.


Jim from Jimcon will be there and I will help him run the Great Canadian Board Game Blitz on Saturday starting at noon. This will be your chance to prove that you are the best board gamer. Play each round or even just a few and be able to back up the boasts of the Ultimate Board Gamer.

1200 - 1230 - Blokus, Blokus: Trigun, Citadels, Guillotine, High Society
1230 - 1330 - Cleopatra, Dominion, Beowulf: The Legend, Acquire, Carcassonne
1330 - 1500 - Settlers of Catan, Royal Palace, Small World, Lords of Waterdeep, Ticket to Ride:Europe
1530 - 1730 - Puerto Rico, Agricola, London, Elasund: 1st City of Catan, Freight Train
1730 - 1830 - Lascaux, Livingstone, Cargo Noir, Mille Borne, Word Thief


David is also going to run a few more visual games - all are simple to learn even if you haven't played before.

Friday night He will be running some Tron grid games.
Saturday at 1pm I'll run a Live Action Devil Bunny Needs a Ham.
Saturday night at 8pm (after the masquerade) I'll run Circus Imperium.
On Sunday at high noon, I'll run a Rules With No Name for the western fans.

Also we're going to be doing the Great Canadian Board Game Blitz again this year. For more information about this, check out their website.


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Art Show

Big announcement for Art Show, we are now on the POOL FLOOR, yes you are reading this right, the Pool Floor, jump into our art show, help us make a splash with this year's art show.

Please also note, that once again we are doing the bidder numbers, your number from last year doesn't count, so don't forget to register with the front desk.


Artist's please notes your drop off times!

Sunday, May 13 2012, At Pendragon Games and Hobbies, Noon to 5pm. Please use the side door.

Thursday, May 17 2012, At Radisson Hotel Down Town, Starting after Dinner time, availble un till Midnight! Please Call Phynix to be let up!


Hours of Operations:

Friday: 8:00pm to Midnight!
Saturday: 10:00am to Last Bid at MIDNIGHT!
Sunday: Set up for the auction, and we are open for last chance buying of art!


Please remember we DO NOT allow the following in the art show!
-Large Props
-Bags (larger then a paper back novel)
-Photos OR Video


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Dealer's Room

Need a souvenir to remember your weekend by? Check out the dealer's room. There will be books, jewellery, anime and games beyond imaging. And don't forget to pick up your Keycon Merchandise.

Hours that the Deallers room will be open to public!

Friday: 7-10
Saturday: 9 am to 10 pm
Sunday: 9 am to 4 pm


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Opening and closing ceremonies! A social! A masquerade! Our annual Halloween Social and more! Come see what our extravaganzas team has in store for you in 2012.


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