Keycon - Manitoba's premiere science fiction and fantasy convention


Download the application form here! (PDF)

Please note that interested parties make a presentation to the ConCom at the meeting on
Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at 7:00pm at the MTS Center.

From the desk of John Pattie:

Are you interested in running a convention hospitality suite in 2012?

If you are interested in running a suite we would like to hear from you. Generally this process starts a year in advance when we try and find those who are interested. There are lots of people who can give you advice and perhaps even a few ideas.

The Hospitality suites operate throughout the weekend of Keycon on the 15th floor. If you are unfamiliar with them I strongly encourage you to check them out!

The Process

You tell us you want to run a suite, we take a $100.00 deposit from you, get a brief idea of what you want to do, as well as your contact information.

Once this year’s convention is over we will look at all the propositions received and figure out what mix of suites would present the best variety of theme, fun, or uniqueness for our convention members. We then tell the suites that get the green light (up to nine each year) to go ahead and keep planning, and we refund the others’ deposits. The deposits we keep become non-refundable at this point.

Throughout the year leading up to Keycon we will keep in touch with the prospective suites, coordinate requirements and act as the main point of contact between the Hospitality Suites and the Convention Committee. If a suite drops out during this period we contact those suites that were turned down earlier in the year and see if any are still interested in stepping in. So don’t give up if you do not make the first cut! Worst case your planning can be used for a future year.

So what do you need to know?

Find me at the current convention on the Sunday. I will be one of the guys roaming around in a kilt and will definitely be at both the WinSFA Senate meeting and Closing Ceremonies. Both of which are on Sunday. Also feel free to call me at (204) 294-5846. I will be only too happy to take your information and your deposit, or even just discuss wit you the possibility of running a Hospitality Suite. I can also be reached at

The Official Consuite

TAS (Temporal AirShip) Beagle

It is the year 1870 and the HMS Beagle, after an illustrious career, is being put on the auction block to be sold for
kindling. Fast forward to the year 2004 when her remains were found in the mud of a branch of the Thames. Where
has she been in the mean time? Why does her hull have strange holes in it? Why does there seem to be scorch
marks on the deck? Well, come meet the crew of the Temporal Airship Beagle and find out. While we are enjoying our 3 days of leave due to a rather unexpected malfunction, thanks to Temporal Navigator Laurie and Engineer Mina, we offer you a unique look into the life of a member of the elite Temporal Navy. Our galley will be open and so will the Officers Mess. We will be serving our normal field rations, Roast Beast with all the trimmings is on Saturday, with the
Captain's High and low Tea in the afternoon. We have been traveling around for a while now and our crew comes from many exotic times and places. Come and share a story, song or a game with us. But please do not wander off into the holds unsupervised. Some of our cargo is…”unique” in its nature.

Also appearing:

Keycon30 Dunwich Horror Hootenanny

See through time and space and gaze beyond the stars as we preview all that Keycon is, and all that Keycon ever was. Dance amongst the aeons and imbibe the drink of ages as we start the celebration of Keycon’smost eldritch milestone.

The Staggering Penguin Tavern

We’re back! Looking for a place to hang out at con? Come over to the Penguin for questing, gaming, and of course drinking! Our special Alchemists potion will again be available Saturday night for that instant sugar pick-me-up.

The Room of Awesome is back!

More prizes! More Awesome events! Less hours closed (hopefully)! Come enjoy our silly memes, Awesome Internet videos, food and games! Awesome!


A warm a welcoming place, put on by the good folks at STW/Generations. A combination of MASH, Star Trek and
Mad Scientists. Check it out.


Saving us from a world ruthlessly plundered for its mineral wealth, the Bre-Axe Omega drilling platform aims
to again supply sustenance and liquid refreshment. Stop on by and join the Corporation.

Winnipeg Anime Club:

A longtime suite at Keycon, with anime ranging from the simple to the classics.