Keycon - Manitoba's premiere science fiction and fantasy convention




At the convention we have many great and special events happening for your enjoyment. Here are just a few that should be mentioned.




Registration opens, and people start to show up, what more can we give you in this respect? Get there early and READ your program books for more great events!

Attend the opening ceremonies to get a quick peek at the guests, and find out what other great plans the Chair, and co chairs have!




Why not start your Saturday off right with a yummy breakfast, join the Chair, and one if not both Co Chairs, maybe even some of the other convention staff for breakfast in the hotel's restaurant. Wear your fuzzy slippers, and your comfy pj's down to breakfast and enjoy the RIGHT start to the day!

Next you can always enjoy the wonderful Masquerade has always been a crowd pleaser at our convention. So many wonderful costumes created by the members of the convention. Check your program book for the time when seating will happen!

End your night dancing with Gopher's rocking music in the social!




Much like Saturday, breakfast is a must. Join Joey in the Video room on floor 15 (where it always has been at the end of the hall) for a cartoon breakfast.

After Breakfast join the local and not so local art in the art auction on the "P" Floor for a giggle of a time, and a great bit of the bid wars.

Sunday night we are happy to announce a buffet dinner. Tickets will be $35 and sold at registration. Kiss the Giraffe will be performing the 2nd installment of the steam punk show Clockworks. Seats are limited so buy your tickets early and see the second part of the show!

Don't forget to check out the closing ceremonies to find out the plans for the next years Convention!



This is not all, our programming team worked many sleepless nights to bring you the best they can in our multi track programming. Check back in a few days for the grid!