Tentacles, Tardis, and Bison, Oh My!


     Keycon will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2013 and it is going to be a party!
Keycon will also celebrate 50 years of Dr. Who and of 100 years of H.P. Lovecraft! With all of these
anniversaries the stars are aligning to focus on a Weird Tales theme. Add in some steam punk, a touch of horror,
and a lot of science fiction, 2013 will be a revelry of the past present and future.

    2013 is going to be a class reunion of epic proportions! From our year-book-themed program to the Geek Prom where we will celebrate all the best of fandom and crown our convention royalty (Queens, Kings, and Things), Keycon 30 will bring together our community like no other convention before it!

    We need your help to make this convention the best it can be. Whether you join us for our monthly con com meetings, meet with us for less formal coffee talks or volunteer for concom, we need your ideas, your input and your energy and enthusiasm to make this convention a massive success!



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