May 19-21 2006

Keycon 2005: Volunteers!

Wow, another year has gone by and it was great. Thank you to everyone who helped out last year you are the people that make all this happen.

Well this year I am new to the volunteer aspect of the whole convention and I am more then happy to say I think I have it off to a great start. But at last I still need more people to help out with many different things from moving things before and after the convention. To helping out at our games days, and of course our socials. I need help and you all want to help.

If you are wondering what one needs to do to help, well that is easy contact me, email me here.

If you email me please email me with the following list of information.



Home Phone: (and time to call between)

Work Phone: (and time to call between)

What you are interested in doing: March Social, Games day, and at the convention.

Remember there is a lot to do, so if you have no clue what you wish to do just tell me. And I will keep that in mind.

Okay I know you all are asking "what is in it for me?" You're volunteering! What more do you want? No, no we are working on prizes for our friends who do volunteer. For every hour you help out, you get another ticket in to the draws that will be done at the convention. So thank you to everyone. Hope to hear from you.