May 19-21 2006

Radisson Winnipeg Downtown
R3C 0B8
Phone: (204) 956-0410
Fax: (204) 947-1129
Stuff that is particularly interesting for Keycon members:
  1. The convention is there, so having a room in the same hotel as the convention means you are RIGHT THERE.
  2. All rooms have data ports (for dial-up Internet Access)
  3. All rooms have Playstations
  4. They have a pool, a coffee bar, a restaurant, a lounge, and they will deliver food to your room!
  5. Keycon has negotiated a special Convention-goers rate of $86/night. Keep in mind this rate is only available for rooms booked before April 18, 2006 so book your rooms soon.

Here is a rough breakdown of what's going on where in the hotel during Keycon (Please note: This could change! If it does, we'll let you know. And of course this will all be in the program book!):

What is the Dead Dog?

So the convention ends on Sunday afternoon, but what is everyone talking about this "dead dog" thing?

Why is it that when someone asks "So that's when the convention is over" the experienced people say "Well, that's when the convention is technically over"???

Come on! Someone has to drink all that extra alcohol!

The dead dog is a party. It typically happens on the 15th floor after the convention is officially over. There is much merriment (and several non-alcoholic suites for those who do not wish to imbibe) random acts of socializing, gaming, and the general having of much fun!

Badging will be in effect at the dead dog!!!

If you do not have a membership, or if you do not have a membership for that day (1 day pass-purchassers beware!) you will be asked to leave.

Yet another reason to BUY YOUR MEMBERSHIP NOW.

We'll see you there!