May 19-21 2006

Purchase your Keycon 23 Dealers Table in advance for the low price of just $35! Just click the above PayPal link.

Get Your Tables Here!

Tables cost $35 CAD each, taxes and everything included.

This covers 2 days of sales, the physical table (6'x2'), chairs, and a locked space (the room). It also includes a link to whatever business is buying the table on the KeyCon website, starting within a week of payment being received. It covers all licensing and permits needed for the time as well.

The event is 3 days long, during May long weekend (May 19-21st, 2005) but there are only 2 days of selling. Dealers have the option to either come in and set up on the first night, or set up on the first day of sales before the doors actually open.

Sell whatever you want, as long as it's not illegal here. Portable Interac machines and the like are all the seller's responsibility, as well as all taxing and accounting things that are necessary.

Dealers are encouraged to buy Keycon memberships! The dealers table only gets you access to the dealers room during the convention, and there is so much to do outside of the hours the dealers room is open! Sell all day and then party all night! Visit the gaming room and the hospitality suites! Go see the panels and participate in our many programming events! Visit with our special guests! ...all this AND sell your product during the day! Get a Keycon membership HERE.

Memberships are only $35 CAD before December 30th - this would be the same price as a table!

For more information on purchasing tables, please contact Crystal, our Dealers room co-ordinator, by e-mailing her.