May 19-21 2006

Award Winning Video Room

Yes, it is true. We won a ward. We use the ward to clean up the den, in which case he becomes a warden. It becomes him to be a warden. War, den peace. But you want to read about the Video Room. Which will not show War and Peace, with Henry Fonda, even though we're fonda of Henry than we are of Irving Fonda.

Be all that as it may!

Since 1995 the same happy go lucky team has run the KeyCon Video Room. What is the KeyCon Video Room? It is:

The Video Room shows videos 24 hours a day, starting at around 8 pm Friday night, and ending some time Sunday afternoon. We use a big 8X6' screen, video projector, and great sound system. Every seat is a good seat! We encourage just plain out having a great time, so we give away candy, movie posters and prizes! It's just like watching movies at home, except you don't have to clean up!

We also have gone to great lengths for our fans. For example, the year we ordered Night Of The Comet from the US, a rare film, but one one member wanted to see one time. Was that too many ones?

Got any great movie ideas Email Victor!