May 19-21 2006

Soul Calibur 3

Tournament Organizer: Curtis
Location: Console Gaming Room
Start Time: 14:00 Saturday

Soul Calibur 3 for the Play Station 2, multiplyer, 8' screen. Need I say more?

Tournament Format

The tournament will be run using the Soul Calibur 3 VS Competion Tournament Mode. This means that it will be a single elimination event. Characters available will be the 25 standard characters (i.e. those not selected from the bonus character list). This is because I can't ensure that everyone will have experience fighting against them. This would be an unfair advantage to those that have unlocked all the characters and had time to practice.

At the start of the event all players will select a character, this is the character they will use throughout the event. Players can also opt for a random character to be assigned to them, this will be done during the first round and they will get to use that character for the entire event (if you want truely random Olcadian is available).

Battle count will be set to three (3) for the entire event (best 3 out of 5).

Sign-up for this event will start at 14:00 and go until all the preliminary events are done. Once the finals begin no new players can sign up.

In addition to some applause and cheering, the winner of the tournament will get Soul Calibur 3 Champion wirtten on their badge. Oh and bragging rights, everybody loves bragging rights.

If you have any questions about this event feel free to e-mail me and I will answer the questions and post responses here.