May 19-21 2006

Keycon Hallowe'en Social

We've got the I-don't-know-howmany-th annual Keycon Hallowe'en Social this weekend (October 28th). Come one Come all. If you need further details, please check the forums or the events page for further information

Keycon Short Story Contest Announced!

Behold! The Keycon 2006 short story contest has finally been launched! This contest is open to the general public and we look forward to seeing some excellent submissions. Full contest rules can be found on our website. Contest winners will be lauded and honoured! In addition to the lauding and honouring, we will be publishing their work in the first Keycon chapbook of the 21st century! The chapbook will go on sale at the Spring Social and will be available before and during Keycon 2006.

Author Guest of Honour Announced!

Keycon is pleased to announce that Jacqueline Carey will be the 2006 Author Guest of Honour. Head on over to the Guests of Honour page for more details.

June 25 - Keycon 22 Chair Cliff says "Farewell"

Well, there comes a time in all projects where you have to step aside for those who will be continuing the work and say farewell to those you have had the pleasure and honour of working with. For Dave and I that has come, but first I would like to take this last opportunity to say some thank you and comment on my own experience in running a convention.

As Dave as already said there truly are so many people who make Keycon what it is, everyone who attends the convention brings something to it that makes it special and to all of you I say Thank you. You have already this past year and a half amazingly special for me and have given me many memories to cherish. I would also like to thank everyone who shared the photos of the convention. As the chair this past year I missed seeing a number of different things and all of your photos have given me the chance to see the convention through your eyes and see the things that I missed.

I look forward to seeing what Keycon 23 brings, and working with all of you to make the convention that much better for everyone.

Thank you once again for your support, and for coming out to Keycon 22. See you all next year.


June 11 - Keycon 22 Chair Dave says "Farewell"

Once more Keycon has come to an end. I would like to thank each and everybody that attended the con and worked hard in making it what is was. But since over 400 people were at the Con, I would certainly miss a few. So I will just say it here. THANK YOU.

From the time that Cliff and I were given Keycon 22 until the final clean up on Monday it was a blast. been going to Keycon since 93 and this was my first opportunity to run one. I learned a lot and had a good time doing it. I hope to be involved with Keycon in the future, as it is a good way to make friends and have a Keycon that you can enjoy.


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