May 19-21 2006

Settlers of Catan

Tournament Organizer: Curtis
Location: Terrace Room
Start Time: Friday 18:00 (6:00pm)
"Players are recent immigrants to the newly populated island of Catan. Expand your colony through the building of settlements, roads, and villages by harvesting commodities from the land around you." - Mayfair Games Website

Tournament Format

The tournament will have three rounds of regular play as follows:

  1. The Settlers of Catan (Base game)
  2. The Seafarers of Catan (Scenario to be revealed at time of event)
  3. The Cities and Knights of Catan (Beware the barbarians)

Each table will have 3-4 players to help ensure we can keep the games to roughly 90 minutes.

The four players that score the most victory points in the first three rounds will advance to the finals. The finals will consist of a scenario from Das Buch the German expansion pack. As with the Seafarers game the scenario will not be revealed until it is time for the event.

Rules and Technicalities

As I have found out over the years there are many variants and ways to play The Settlers of Catan. To maintain sanity we will be using the standard out of the box rules. Now since there are several printings and variations of the rules that ship with the game we will be using the rules that shipped with my copy of the game a.) because they will be at the event, and b.) because I'm running the event and they are the rules I know best. I will post the exact printing/edition info as soon as I can verify it so that everyone will know which rules set we will be using.

To be fair I will be in the gaming room an hour before the event starts. For those that wish to review the rule books they will be available at that time.

Errata Notification: There has been a rules modification to the Cities and Knights expansion, it will be in effect for the event, please check it out.

Prizes and Goodies

At this time the prize pack for winning includes bragging rights, a sticker declaring you ruler of Catan, and a bonus mystery prize.