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Award Winning Video Room

Yes we once won a ward, and we keep that ward hopping, fetching us milkshakes!

Or, did we mean we were Fan Guests of Honour due to the Glory of the Video Room: eight foot screen, primo video projector, high level sound quality, DVD, VHS, Beta, Eight Track (showing eight track movies is not as easy as you might think, given there aren't any). Not to mention free flavored popcorn, free breakfasts AND the RETURN OF THE COLORING SPOONS (due to popular demand)!!! We aim to create a pleasant relaxed environment where you can lounge in an arm chair or lie on the floor & relax with your favourite films & friends. And eat all the free candy we can give you!

Chris Dant was the key prizes guy & we miss him. Prizes these days are mostly free candy and the glory of winning a 'no prize', as Stan Lee might say. But we do have special events, plenty of free candy, and a bathroom we won't let you use!!

This year we are planning on showing some old favourites, as we've concentrated in the most recent years on showing brand new films. But a lot of the brand new films just can't match up to the 'classics', plus a lot of people have never seen the classics on a big screen. For example, King Kong (which we have in an excellent colourized version, one of the very few colourized versions we'd consider showing). Or the original Phantom of the Opera. Or the original Frankenstein. Or the very first Outer Limits!

However, a few newer films are certainly worth a look, chief among them one about a somewhat addled Pirate (but he's the best pirate we've ever seen!). Ahoy ye maties, we'll be wanting you to dress like a pirate for that one! Also liked that X team with its leather suits!

We also have had a great time showing fans' own films, and we would love to repeat that this year. Any fans with their own films are invited to contact Victor at 775-6222, or by Email to arrange a showing!

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