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The Guests this year is a wonderful line up with many a thing planed for you to do or see. Dave Duncan blesses us with his wonderful writing skills as our guest writer. Dave was Originally from Scotland; Dave Duncan has lived all his adult life in Western Canada, having enjoyed a long career as a petroleum geologist before taking up writing. Since discovering that imaginary worlds are more satisfying than the real one, he has published more than thirty novels, mostly in the fantasy genre, but also young adult, science fiction, and historical. He has at times been Sarah B. Franklin (but only for literary purposes) and Ken Hood (which is short for "Dye Ken Whodunit?")

Then there is James Ernest from Cheapass Games to teach you how to run a cheap game on your own.
James Earnest is a Seattle-based game designer and publisher. His company has published more than 50 original games since it’s inception in 1996. James is also a talented juggler, graphic designer, and self-promoter. He can leap over the tallest of obstacles and bend spoons with his mind. (I think we would all like to see that!)

Then for art, what a guest we have for you, she is local and I have had more then the privilege of knowing her for a few years. Donna Stevenson is our guest artist this year. You may remember her art on display at the art auction last year. I hope you all do because we are excited to have the art spotlight on a local artist.

And that ladies and gentlemen would be your Key Con 21 guest line up. So come to us and Unlock the Fun.

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