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Keycon is pulling out all the stops for gaming this year. No matter whether you’re a veteran gamer, or a beginner, we have something for you. This year we’ve secured additional space, and will be filling it to maximize your gaming experience. Please forward your questions to

Role-playing - Table Top

AD&D – One of the sub-themes for Keycon this year is the celebration of WorldCon 10 Years ago. At WorldCon there was a fantastic 2nd edition AD&D tournament. You too can be part of it, and relive your AD&D 2nd ed. memories!

D&D 3.5 – Living Greyhawk – People have requested it, and we have GM’s available. Exactly how many sessions will be run depends on player interest. Please e-mail us if you want to participate. This will be based specifically on con member request in advance!

Call of Cuthulhu / Call of Cuthulhu: Dark Ages – These two different table top games are a fantastic choice for any first time role-player. They are based off the works of H.P. Lovecraft, so expect an exploration of the strange and unknown.

There is more!!! Currently under negotiations for Table Top Role Playing – White Wolf World of Darkness games, Paranoia, Rifts, and a couple more. If you are a GM, and are looking for players, or have wanted to run a certain one shot module, please contact us, we will make space available for you where possible.

Role-playing – Live Action Role Playing [LARP]

Vampire: The Masquerade LARP - What really needs to be said? This event has become a tradition at Keycon and this year will be no different

Call of Cuthulhu LARP – This game is ideal for beginners. It will be a stand alone LARP. Please expect there to be a nominal fee requested from players for this event.

Collectable Games: [Cards and Otherwise]

Raw Deal – 6 Tournaments, Featuring the infamous Hardcore 24/7, .some of the best players in the world, and over $1000 in Prizes.

VAMPIRE: The Eternal Struggle – Keycon is proud to be host to the Central Canadian North American Championship Qualifier. We will also be hosting the wrap up to the Prophecies of Gehenna League. V:TES action Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Heroclix - This fast paced game of Superheros from Wizkids will be run Saturday Afternoon. Bring your favorite 300 Marvel build and compete for some fantastic prizes!

Mech Warrior – This Wizkids game is all about futuristic battle featuring Mechs, Artillery, Tanks, and soldiers. Set around the year 3200. Sunday afternoon bring your favorite 450 point build and compete for some fantastic prizes!

Crimson Skies — A great game of Air Combat set in 1937. This is open to both new and experienced players, and will be available for demos throughout the weekend.

Yu-Gi-Oh / Magic: The Gathering — We are currently making arrangements to see that the players of these games will have some events to participate in as well.

Board Games: Both Traditional and Not.

Settlers Of Catan / Risk / Monopoly / Wizard [DUCK!] / Citadels / Corruption/ Guillotine - Nuff said?

There's more to come!!! Keep visiting back here for more gaming info!

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