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Well as you know the Halloween social has come and gone so here I am to tell you about it considering you might have missed it.

As a person who has never been to this social it was wonderful. I saw old friends from Key con who were there, and made new ones. But lets start this report at noon when we promised to have the doors open for games day, I am sorry but the fact it was not open was out of our control. For you who were not there the bar manager had forgotten about us and was running really late. Either way this is to all you very wonderful gamers who stood outside in negative degree weather with a minor wind chill thank you. You made the games day worth itís while.

The social was great as well, like I said a lot of old faces and a lot of new. The costumes were wonderful and the dance floor was busy, with songs like the Time Warp, Macarena and Ra Ra Rasupten, all rang over the dance floor.

Thank you all for being there, I hope to see you all and more at our next event.

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