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Welcome to Keycon's web site. I would like to thank you all for visiting, and I do hope you enjoy your stay. I would also like to apologize for the setbacks in the site. I know I should have had it up long ago but there was problem after problem. I am sorry for it all. But let me get to the Fun.

This year we once again have a wonderful group of people running keycon for you and we are proud to say all seems to be going well. The art guest this year is a local, and a very wonderful writer comes to enlighten us all, and let's not forget the games, we have a gaming guest this year that I think you all will be more then happy to talk to. So I hope to see many people out there gaming, drawing and talking books with us.

Keycon will be held on the long weekend of May 21st to the 23rd. So book off the days, collect your costumes (assuming you have them *wink* ) and get your butt to registration.

I would just like to mention quickly if it seems that there has not been an update in a while please feel free to hit your refresh button to check if you missed it.

So I hope you all will join me in making this year's con wonderful.

Thank you,

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