This isn't just another con year... oh no! It's Keycon's 20th Anniversary! A great way to celebrate is by volunteering!

First we'd like to send a huge thank you to everyone who has volunteered at one of our events so far. You have all been great and your help is very much appreciated.

Looks like it's clear sailing all the way to Keycon 20!

However, that's also the spot where I will need the most help. It's only due to the hard work that all the volunteers put in that Keycon runs so smoothly. So even if you only have an hour to spare, please let me know! There's always something you can help out with.

Did I mention that there would be amazing and astounding prizes for the volunteers?
Yes, everyone who volunteers will be entered in a draw to win some fabulous prizes that are *exclusive* to the volunteers!

Did I mention that by volunteering you could go to Keycon 21 absolutely FREE?

That's right! Anyone who volunteers 9 hours or more will be entered into a draw for a free membership to Keycon 21!

So what's keeping you? Contact me today!

See you at the con!

To help out, e-mail our Volunteers Co-ordinator, Rodrigo Vasquez.



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