Your Keycon 20 experience can be completely free! Even if you have already paid!

Introducing the Keycon Buddy System!

Here's how it works:

Between the dates of January 1st to April 15th Keycon 20 is running a promotion to say thank you to our members who are spreading the word about Keycon.

For every person that you refer to Keycon [see below for details] that has either:

a) Never been to Keycon
b) Has not attended Keycon in the past TWO years

you will receive a $5.00 refund on your membership up to it's original cost.

How do you refer someone? That's easy too. Just have them write your full name and city-of-residence [legibly, we take no responsibility for shoddy penmanship] at the bottom of their membership form at the time they purchase it.

For example: If three people list you as their reference at the bottom of their membership form, you will receive a $15.00 refund on the original cost of your membership!

It's that easy! All you have to do is tell a friend and save some money. The more you tell, the more you save!

Simply visit our Memberships Page for your Keycon membership. Direct your friends to the same page (remember to ask them to reference you on their form!) and watch the discounts add up!

All refunds will be distributed by Registration at Keycon 20. In the case of a perceived discrepency between amounts of refunds, keycon's records will hold true.



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