Keycon 20 will feature a full and varied Programming Grid - events (see menu at left), panels/discussion, and other Neat Stuff.
We will have the Grid published a little closer to The Day, but for now here's a few words from our Programming Manager:

Everything is going well so far, but I'm still looking for ideas and volunteers. So, if there was something that you saw last year that you would love to see again, let me know.

If there is some topic that you would like to see programming about, let me know.

If you saw something last year and though "Ha! I could do better than that!", please, really, let me know.

Right now there is unlimited space [well not exactly unlimited, I do have some programming lined up already]. The sooner you let me know about the fantastic programming that you want to show everybody the better chance you have to get the time you want.

I'm looking for all types of programming. All ideas will be considered, but unfortunately not everything can or will get space. I have a pair of bosses I have to convince.

So, if you want to help out at Keycon's 20th Anniversary, let me know!

- Nancy Fetterman
Programming, Keycon 20



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