What everyone hopes for is a con that's safe as well as being fun for everyone involved and as such, our Operations Team will be policing a few rules that are in place for the sake of everyone's safety and enjoyment.
Please note: there are a few differences from past years' rules, so check the points below even if you are a Keycon regular.

- Smoking is allowed in designated areas only.

- Badging will be in effect throughout the con. There is a $20 fee to replace a lost badge.

- Real or realistic replica weapons are not permitted. If your pistol looks like a 23rd century plasma cannon, fine, but there may be problems if it looks like an 1845 Colt Peacemaker.

- Staffs and unstrung bows are permitted, please use your own common sense with these items.

- Actual blades must be peacebonded. You will be required to take the weapon to Ops to have it checked and/or secured.

- Public drawing of weapons is completely prohibited - in other words, NO! If you want to show your weapon, please take it to a private room and use appropriate caution. Accidents are the last thing we want at our con.

Please remember that the con is held in an area where we will come into contact with non-fans. Please try and be respectful of the hotel's other guests and use common sense, especially in the public areas of the hotel. Let's not scare the civilians please.
The age old admonition rings as true as always: Act like a responsible adult and you will be treated like one.

We're sharing space with registration again, so it should be easy to find us.

Operations hours:
Friday May 16: 5pm - 9pm
Saturday May 17: 10am - 9pm
Sunday May 18: 10am - Closing Ceremonies

Please note that after 9pm, Operations will be available in Suite 1510.

For clarifications or questions, write to our Operations Manager, Iain MacNair.



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