The Wild and Gradually Balding Video Room will return with it's time hallowed traditions for Keycon 20!

Apart from the old standbys - feature films that are fan favourites - or else why would we show them? - we will highlight goodies from the internet! For example, to date Victor has accumulated about 180MB of Star Trek and Star Wars bloopers, parodies and fun pieces.

You haven't lived, more or less, until you've seen the parody of "Seven" starring four William Shatners [the Kirk Shatner, the TJ Hooker Shatner, the 911 Shatner and, most frighteningly of all, the Singing Shatner!] You gotta give it to Bill, he's happy to satirize himself.

We also have a Lego version of Star Wars, Walter Matthau auditioning as Obi Wan Kenobi - well, it's Ken Spacey doing a fabulous impression of Matthau - and much, much more!

We will also feature contests with semi-great prizes, candied popcorn, Cartoon Breakfasts with cold cereal and milk and more of the fresh fruit and veggies that were popular last year. [Except for the celery because it stalked some members. Get it? Stalked? ;p Well, lettuce be thankful for what we have!]

The entire Wild, Hairy and Balding Crew will return, including our overnight contingent.

Any suggestions for films [as a result of a suggestion we showed Night of the Comet last year] please contact us! As always we will try and show a mix of the very latest films plus historical treasures that we've dug up and brushed the mould from.

For more information or to suggest a film, e-mail the Wild & Hairy/Balding Guys, c/- Victor.



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