V:TES (Vampire: The Eternal Struggle) CCG North American Championship Qualifier.

If you're already a Keycon member entry into this tournament is FREE! Otherwise it's $10 if you want to attend this event. The top 10 players get entry into this year's North American Championship at GenCon!!!!!
The top 10 also get themselves a T-Shirt [That means you have a clean shirt to wear at con for those of you who are laundry impaired!] There will be other random T-shirts given away [So even if you're not in the top 10, there is still hope for you if you're laundry impaired!]
Just for playing in the tournament you will get a Wind Dance Promo, and AT LEAST 2 Boosters!!!

The tournament is Saturday Afternoon Starting at Noon!

What, you don't know how to play V:TES?
That's okay - Friday night there will be a learn how to play V:TES demo. It starts at about 8/9pm [Still to be figured out], and the first 6 people in the demo who don't have V:TES cards will get their very own V:TES deck [Normally a $12.99 Retail value]. More decks may be available to be given away, but there will be at least 6.

So you've got a V:TES deck, but you don't feel that it's up to snuff?
At 11pm Friday night - Uncle Paul decends on KeyCon and provides a deck tech clinic, that helps your sub par deck get up to par.

WWF/WWE Raw Deal

We have wrestling! 7 Tournaments all weekend long in fact! [All are Free as long as you have a con membership, or a corresponding day pass!]

24/7 Hardcore tournament! Starts 7pm Friday night and runs through Sunday. See someone with a WWE/WWF sticker on their badge? Challenge them! That means you get to attack at least one of your Co-Chairs, and the Ops guy! Ambush them in a hallway - wait until they've washed their hands and ambush them in the Washroom! You get the picture! Winner is the person who wins the most games no matter how many games they've played.

Raw Deal Roulette - Eric Bishoff did it on Raw, and now you get to live it here. Big Show Vs. Mankind in a Bra and Panties Match! Hurricane Vs. Tajiri in a TLC Match! APA Vs. Billy and Chuck in a TLC Match! It can all happen, and more! 8:30pm Friday night

Saturday Morning - 9AM - Steel Cage tournament. Okay so you're hungover or still drunk from the night before. You've got floor tile patterns pressed into your face, from passing out in the bathroom - what better then to lock yourself into a steel cage with someone who wants to beat you senselessly!

Saturday 2PM - Royal Rumble - Launch everyone else over the top rope, and be the last man standing in this fun and fast paced tournament.

Saturday 8:30PM - Saturday Nights Main Event. - A big 'ole Regular constructed tournament, of raw deal smashing goodness. Ideal to play while getting drunk, unless your opponent is Iain, the guy running Ops.

Sunday 9AM - Tag Team - Okay so if you weren't drunk and or hung over at this time yesterday, hopefully you will be now, and what better then to compete with someone beside you, helping you sit upright.

Sunday 1PM - Sunday Afternoons Main Event - This is another regular constructed event, just like Saturday Night's.

So okay, V:TES had tonnes of booty - why do I want to play Raw Deal?
1) If the turnout is good enough - we may get to have one of next year's tournaments - the winner gets a trip to Gencon / Wrestlemania.
2) Pretty Shiny foil belts!
3) Pretty uncut sheets of cards, that you can sell on E-bay or trade to Raw Deal players for other cards. [Or do what Steve did and take his uncut sheet of ultra rare foils, and have them cut out - WOOT!]
4) and lastly there will be other booty TBA.

If you have questions about this please e-mail

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