Keycon Archive

Memories of Keycons Past

The following represents a collection of past webpages for Keycon. They have been restored(*) from various sources. Some more fully than others. The less we had to work with, the rougher they are.

We’ve been able to locate versions extending back to Keycon 16 (1999), but we are aware that Keycon 15 (1998) also had a website, but it appears to have been lost to the sands of times. If you have a copy languishing on a hard drive somewhere,. we’ve love to have it. Contact the webmaster.

In the mean time, for entertainment purposes only, enjoy this look back at past Keycons

(*) By restored, we mean they’ve been reconstructed from various archives. Typically they look and function the same as the original version was intended to. Links to external websites may or may not be broken. It’s the internet, it’s both permanent and ephemeral :^)