Keycon Memorial Project

Keycon is over three decades old now.

This convention is, among other things, a community. A sort of extended family. We have all the things any community has. Trends, young folks, arguments, discussions, romance, heartbreak and sadly – but inevitably – any community around long enough must also deal with loss.

With the loss of two regular members this year alone, it has been suggested that the convention create a ‘Memory Wall’ for people to memorialize those that they have lost recently. This will be set up in a public area of the convention.

If someone is gone who was part of, or connected to our community: an old Con-goer or Guest, the partner, child or parent of one of us, anyone – really – feel free to bring a picture, letter or something else suitable to incorporate into the ‘Memory Wall’ so that the convention can share the loss and remember as a community.