Hospitality Suites


based on the photos of Laurie Smith

What is a Hospitality Suite?

Think of the Hospitality Suites as the official room parties for the convention. Typically they will be themed, often along one or more genres of fandom.

Keycon’s Hospitality suites are more than just a couple of suites. It’s the entire 15th floor of the Radisson. The stories from conventions past have helped the floor transcend to legendary status. From hallway sing-a-longs to spooky suites; new friends found and old friends rediscovered.

All the Hospitality Suites for 2014 have been booked. If you have questions about Hospitality, please contact our coordinator Diana.

A Note From Our Coordinator

Hello peoples and welcome to the 15th floor. This year Hospitality is happy to present for you viewing, singing, dining and “various” other pleasures a wide range of Suites. We have a couple of new groups this year and a few of our favorites have returned. A few very important items for you to remember at all times. Please, remember to wear your badges at all times and have your official government photo ID on you if you wish to partake of an “adult” beverage. NO ID means NO SERVICE. All service animals must be registered with the Conventions Registration and proof of this will be required. Service animals are not to be in the area where food is being served in the hospitality suites. Please remember that alcoholic beverages are not to be taken off the 15th floor. The hotel is not just ours and we must be mindful of the laws both City and Provincial. So Come, Sing, Drink, Eat and have fun!!!


Official Hospitality Suite

Key Hole

Questions about the Official Hospitality Suite

Check out the Official Hospitality Suite FAQ.

Line-up for the 15th floor

Room Descriptions

1500: TAS Beagle Staff Reading Room and lounge

T.A.S Beagle brings you the ships reading room a cool place to come and chill. To hang with friends away from the other loud rooms. A place to read a book. A place to play a game. A place to talk with friends and if you like the book you can take the book home with you. The room will be non alcohol . We will be doing high tea on Saturday with teas, cookies and other assorted finger foods.

The proposed hours of operation will be 7pm until 2am ish on Friday, from 11am to 2am ish on Saturday, 11 am to 2am on Sunday.”

1502: Key Hole *Official Hospitality Suite*


1504: Emulation Station 1995 – Get ready to Party Like it’s 20ish years ago!

Ahh, yes, all those amazing 16 bit 256 colour games with the actual MIDI soundtracks, life was good!

Get back to your happy gaming roots with Emulation Station 1995!  Relive your blocky childhood memories along with old school look and feel wired controllers.  It’s a sidescroller’s fantasy land with all your Nintendo, Sega, and arcade favorites!

Take a break from the shimmering arcade games and match your wits against 2 other players on the big screen with You Don’t Know Jack, because everyone loves Cookie Masterson and his snarky commentary.

The fun doesn’t have to end on Sunday,  enter the contests and you could win one of the three Raspberry Pi devices we’ve loaded up to run the emulations along with the Controllers to take home and play on and on and on.

But Wait, There’s more!  We’ll have refreshments (non alcoholic) and snacks, and of course we’ll have the period appropriate music to keep things wizard.

1506: Kame Cafe

Welcome Kame Cafe invites you to come in and relax with some Japanese snacks,  coffee or tea, play some video games and talk about your favorite anime. The Tomodachi Anime Club welcomes you to our little home here at Keycon, and we are a welcoming bunch of people. All ages are welcome, during the day, after 9:30pm we will be welcoming an older crowd and have some anime themed drinks available for your consumption. Wanna know what’s happening here? We will have a schedule posted up so you can see what shenanigans we have in store and when we’ll be around! Tomodachi means friends, come and join us today!

1508: WAC


1510 – N/A


1512 – D&D Manufacturer of Weapons for Men of Adventure and Women of Interesting Character


1514 – The Red Asteroid Cantina

In a galaxy far far away, you will find a place with the most evil and veil creatures of the outer rim. Where you enter at the risk of shortening you’re own lifespan!

Are you being hunted? Just looking to hide? Then travel to the far outer rim and head to the red Asteroid cantina.

1516 – Dandy Lion

Last year was so much fun for the crew of the Dandy Lion that we are doing it again! We’ll have coffee, tea and gluten-free snacks available from 9:00am till we close. Along with friendly conversation we will also offer: featured Filk concerts, nightly sing-alongs, drop-in jam sessions, our special Dandy Lion mugs and a fun raffle. This year, we’re offering beginner pennywhistle, bodhran or guitar lessons for anyone interested as well. There will even be some music for the little ones. After all, Filk is for everyone.  We plan to have a great time at this year’s Keycon and hope you will drop in and make it even better.

1518 – The Black Rose Noshery

You are cordially invited to join us at the Black Rose Noshery. This Gothic-Victorian style bistro and teahouse is a notable establishment, owned and operated by your hosts, the Obsidian sisters. During the day we offer refreshments, coffee, tea and snacks. For your enjoyment we have parlour games, themed movies, entertainment, workshops, special events and games of chance. Guests of all ages welcome during business hours. When the sun goes down we open our doors to an older crowd for a private speak-easy style party. We will offer many types of libations both alcoholic and not, as well as music, games and snacks. The Black Rose After Hours Club invites anyone who loves the night to attend…. if you dare.