Special Events (Extravaganzas)

What are extravaganzas?

Extravaganzas are all of the “big programming” events that are massively attended, and take additional planning and preparation compared to the regular panels.

These items include:

opening_ceremonies_2014Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies is the kick off for the weekend. This is our first chance to see and hear from our guests and get a taste  of everything that will be happening over the weekend. Opening ceremonies have included, music, sing-a-longs, and certain hospitality suite organisers hurling chocolate missiles into the crowd.


Ice Cream Social (Meet and Greet)


Normally held immediately following Opening Ceremonies the ice cream social is Keycon’s initial mixer for guests and the membership. To break the ice our guests serve the members ice cream.

Masquerade (Costume Contest)

The Social (Dance)


Closing Ceremonies


The Dinner

Banquet-style dining, with geeks, food, and entertainment!

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