Laurie Eli

Laurie EliLaurie is a veteran con-goer. She has started out in Fargo’s Valley Con. She then added Mini Con and Spook Con (Spokane WA) to the list, thanks to her best friend and artist Crystal Marvig. She and Crystal came for Key Con’s first year and she has been back every year, including the year Key Con hosted World Con. Yes, she enjoyed World Con that year too. When asked “why come back every year”? She replied, “The people, the fans, have become my friends, and I need my yearly fix.” There is a story she may tell from the first Key Con explaining why she is called “Mum”, and why she has an extended Canadian family that includes at least 16 kids.

Why go to cons in the first place? Laurie was very interested in comic books, books and movies about science fiction and fantasy. Thanks to Crystal she also came to enjoy the art and art auction. She has helped the art shows of Valley Con and Key Con as a runner, extra set of hands and art work expediter. She thinks you get more out of a convention if you spend a little time behind the scenes.

Another thing she was able to do at cons was read her Tarot cards for people. She has been reading cards for over 30 years and enjoys all the one-on-one time she gets with people. She has read at every convention she has attended. She started collecting Tarot decks the first Key Con she attended. She now has over 75 Tarot and cartomancy decks. She has read in the Dealer’s Room, hospitality suites and in hallways.

Laurie has integrated Keycon into much of her life and Keycon has integrated her. She and her spouse Jerry were handfasted at a ceremony officiated by Laurie Smith and Tom Ireland during Keycon 25 (2008). Laurie also is blessed to have a great son who is bringing up his kids in the con tradition.

She enjoys wearing costumes, something new and fun each day is part of the experience she enjoys. And who wouldn’t want to wear something special at the dance or banquet. Even if that fun thing you wear is a con t-shirt.

She has attended panels put on by costumers, artists, entertainers and authors. One year Barry Longyear (Enemy Mine) gave a positive critique to a piece she had written.

So with experiences like that….why not come back year after year.