Official Hospitality Suite FAQ

Q: What is the official Hospitality Suite?

A: Every year a single suite is chosen as the official hospitality suite of Keycon. As part of the honor of being official, Keycon provides the room (1502), and a certain amount of Money to help cover the costs of running the suite.

In Exchange, these brave souls keep their suite open an insane amount of hours, and provide refreshments for the masses.

Q: How does a suite become the official Hospitality Suite?

A: The successful suite will:

  1. Already be confirmed as a hospitality suite.
  2. Present a bid containing a budget, theme, potential menu, and how this suite will enhance the convention overall.

Presentations were made at the October 15th, 2013 meeting.

All candidates were notified within 30 days of the results of the bid.

Q: What Hours are the Official Hospitality Suite Expected to be open?

A: The minimum hours the official suite needs to be open is: Friday 2000-0200, Saturday 0900-0200, Sunday 0900-0200. The group may indeed stay open later or open earlier as they feel comfortable doing.

Q:What meals/food/other is expected to be available from the Consuite?

A: At all times light snacks, water, and a non-alcoholic beverage (Pop, Juice, Tang, etc.) of some sort needs to be available. There are 4 servings that will be expected from the Consuite:

  • Breakfast Saturday morning
  • Dinner Saturday late afternoon/early evening
  • Breakfast Sunday Morning
  • Sunday Light Dinner/Dead Dog Snack.

Q: Alcohol?

A: It is not required to serve alcohol. If you wish to then you will be required to see government issued photo ID. Such as a drivers licence, Pass Port, Nexus etc. Birth certificates, health cards or university cards are not sufficient IDs.

Q: What is the budget of the official hospitality suite?

A: The amount varies from year to year depending on the budget however, receipts are required. If you exceed the given amount, it’s up to the suite to fund that overage.

Q: How much of the above is set in stone, and non-negotiable?

A: We’re open to discussing any of the above. The hospitality co-ordinator is always available to assist any interested group with putting together their proposal. Do not hesitate to ask them for guidance.