The following information has been supplied by the hospitality suites as to their plans for Keycon 2009. It is of course subject to change. To get changes/updates made to this website the hospitality suites contact should email the Hospitality Coordinator

Bri-Axe Omega (Strip Mining The Continent Next To Yours)

Currently orbiting your planet, is a mining platform, and for-profit waypoint for refugees. A shipping airlock has been converted by maintenance personnel into an under-the-corporate-radar, social club.

Snacks and beverages, watch out for that Rocket Fuel Punch.


Whether you are a fan of the latest that Japan has to offer, someone who has watched one or two anime movies, or a couple of episodes on TV, or have no clue about what anime means, come on in and check it out.

Poisoned Apple

Once again the Poisoned Apple would like to delight and occupy the attendants of Keycon. For the Year 2009 we are trying to keep with the convention theme of Where Dreams Take Flight. Fairy dolls will cover the majority of the consuite.

A Wheel of Fortune will be erected which guarantees a prize for each spin. It will have prizes suitable for each age group at the convention.

Food will consist of the classics... hummus, baba ghanoujj, pita bread, Poisoned apple pie/tarts, and tons of cookies.

You can also contact the Poisoned Apple via e-mail

Blender Lab

Blenderman is returning from last year. Joining him is Lab 15 from previous years.

There was this really cool manifesto that I have misplaced. Look for more information to be announced later.

The Staggering Penguin Tavern

Welcome weary travelers and enter the Staggering Penguin Tavern. Inside you will find plenty of space to relax, pull up a chair and discuss your exciting exploits in recent (or not so recent) times.

To All Adventurers, young and old:

We encourage you to make your way to our noticeboard. There you may find yourself provided with the opportunity to make use of your talents in hopes of winning the ultimate prize. For those who's interests rest on more humble pursuits, we encourage you to pull up a chair and spin your tales while enjoying the spirits of the season.

Cheers and happy times to you all.


The Sleeping Dragon Inn

Welcome traveler! Welcome to the Sleeping Dragon Inn!

Our humble tavern is named after the dragon that lairs within the hill yonder. He's a good beast and won't be likely to devour you provided you take care not to disrupt his slumber.

Whether ye be a hungry dungeon crawler, a thirsty demon slayer, an under caffinated eldrich horror or just a wandering Keycon member, we will be happy to feed you and provide you with a place to relax.

You can also contact The Sleeping Dragon Inn via e-mail

Dorm '42

A combination of Generations and STW members will man this Star Fleet Academy Dorm Room Grad Party. Some snacks, some fun and rumors of a sing-along abound.

You can also contact Dorm '42 via e-mail