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Cabin Fever

Official name to-be-announced later. Furthermore, our guest is to be Rick Green from such works as The Red Green Show, History Bites and Prisoner of Gravity. There will be an Auction on Saturday and of course there will be Games, Games, Games and some Movies or TV shows you haven't seen yet. The location is the Place Louis Riel Hotel on Smith. It is a Friday/Saturday event and Craig Coyne, ST for Fred by Night will be hosting the LARP for us Vampires. On Friday everything will Start at 6:00pm and we will go until early Sunday Morning. Lastly, the Price for this event will be $20.00 (full), $10.00 (Friday) and $15.00 (Saturday). You can go to Pendragon Games to buy memberships or you can see me at Games. The Flyers will be out soon with further information, if I haven't already given you everything.

Candace Harborne

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Right now, Keycon feels...

Well, it's over!
Hope you were
at Keycon 2002!
Last Updated: January 28, 2002
Wee updates all over.

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